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For someone who sings the blues, Candye Kane's new CD Superhero (Delta Groove) sure does cheer me up--and I promise it'll cheer you up as well. A wildly popular, sexy, bawdy queer performer, Kane has had a difficult year--she was diagnosed with a rare form of pancreatic cancer in 2008--which might explain why all the songs on this album are about fighting back and looking up. The indescribably good title track amazes me every time I listen to it. Which I think I will go do again right now. Even if you're not a blues aficionado, keep in mind that, Superhero is almost enough to make this awkward butch get up and dance--errr, almost, (

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Title Annotation:Superhero
Author:Dunham, Kelli
Article Type:Sound recording review
Date:Oct 1, 2009
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