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SKF keeps machines on the level.

SKF's new Fixturlaser Level levelling system, which needs only a single person to operate it, makes accurate levelling and vertical alignment of machine beds fast and easy to achieve.

Comprising a self-levelling scanning laser transmitter, and one or more receivers to detect where the laser beam hits the target, Fixturlaser Level offers a typical resolution of 0.02mm/m--making it suitable for use in even the most demanding applications.

In use, the transmitter scans the laser to produce a plane of laser light, which is set automatically to be precisely horizontal or vertical. Alternatively, the angle of the light plane can be locked to an external reference. With the transmitter set up, the user simply walks around the installation, and reads alignment values from a hand-held receiver.

Infrared communication between the transmitter and receiver ensures that the light plane level is accurately maintained, even when measurements are being taken on a moving platform, such as a ship or a crane. In addition, the real-time operation of the system means that the results of adjustments can be seen instantly, making it fast and convenient to use.

For complex applications, or where installation work must be achieved in the shortest possible time, a single Fixturlaser Level transmitter can be used in conjunction with several receivers. This allows the effect of the adjustments to be monitored simultaneously at multiple points within the installation. A further refinement is offered by the optional Fixturlaser display unit. This uses a large screen to show multiple measurements plotted in relation to the locations at which they were taken. With this display, the overall accuracy of an installation can be readily assessed. The display unit also provides facilities for measurements to be stored as an aid to traceability and the production of plant documentation.

The Fixturlaser Level system from SKF is battery operated for convenience and portability, and offers more than 24 hours of continuous operation from a single set of batteries. An optional AC adapter is also available. As standard, the system is supplied in the form of a complete, ready-to-use kit comprising one transmitter and one receiver, a magnetic base, an infra-red remote control and an operating manual all housed in a robust and convenient carrying case.

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