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SKC introduces the IMPACT sampler.

The SKC IMPACT is a compact, single-stage inertial impactor designed for the efficient collection of [PM.sub.10], [PM.sub.2.5], or PM coarse (10-2.5 [mu]m) in ambient air. A sampling pump operating at 10 L/min draws particulate matter through the impactor; larger particles are captured on a disposable pre-oiled impaction substrate, while smaller particles collect on a 47 mm filter. The IMPACT media can easily be changed by removing the filter cassette and replacing it with one already loaded with a filter. The impaction substrate fits into the top of the cassette. IMPACT's higher flow rate requirement provides increased sensitivity to low levels of particulate matter. Ideal for environmental particulate matter sampling, indoor air studies, or protected outdoor use using the included rain cap.


Contact: Terry Royal, Marketing Manager, SKC Inc., 863 Valley View Road, Eighty Four, PA 15330. Phone: 724-941-9701. Fax: 724-941-1369.
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Publication:Journal of Environmental Health
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Date:Jun 1, 2008
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