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Articles from SKASE Journal of Theoretical Linguistics (September 1, 2015)

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"Phrasal compounds" and the discourse/lexicology interface: "conglomeration" within the French tradition of English lexicology. Ballier, Nicolas Report 8134
A corpus study of some rare English verbs. Bauer, Laurie Report 2675
Anti-naming through non-word-formation. Hohenhaus, Peter Report 5335
Are exocentric compounds really exocentric? Benczes, Reka Report 5789
Comprehension and written production of English modifier-noun phrases: effects of meaning predictability. Gagne, Christina L.; Spalding, Thomas L.; Park, Juana R. Report 4716
Dutch female personal nouns the (non-)existence of derivational paradigms. Don, Jan Report 5460
English personal names in international contexts. Fischer, Roswitha Report 5769
Gender and inflection class in loan noun integration. Ralli, Angela; Gkiouleka, Marianna; Makri, Vasiliki Report 9829
Jakobson's zero and the pleasure and pitfalls of structural beauty. Nielsen, Peter Juul Critical essay 7420
Lexical innovation: a result of the accommodation process. Konieczna, Ewa Report 6663
Lexical nests revisited: a cognitive grammar account. Kardela, Henryk Report 4554
Living speech--or the bodily life of language. Lapaire, Jean-Remi; Magnard, Jean Essay 1849
Old words and new naming needs--an Onomasiological account of lexical creativity in the English literature of the 16th-19th century. Baeskow, Heike Report 7878
On the (im)perfect correlations between scales and aspect: deverbal adjectives in -ivo. Fabregas, Antonio Report 5697
On the distinction between conceptual and semantic structure. Hacken, Pius ten Report 5487
On the significance of the corpus size in affix-order research. Manova, Stela Report 7092
On two derivational phenomena in Judeo-Spanish. Schwarzwald, Ora (Rodrigue) Report 5358
On verbocentric nominal compounds denoting humans in Bulgarian. Bagasheva, Alexandra Report 9208
Pavel Stekauer, Professor at Karoli Gaspar University of the Reformed Church in Hungary. Podor, Dora; Cerny, Miroslav; Nieves; Edita; Igor Letter to the editor 1164
Pavol Stekauer in the pursuit of words. 2402
Pavol Stekauer--already a sexagenarian? Bohmerova, Ada; Wolski, Ewa; Wolski, Bogdan; Safarik, Pavol Jozef; Uberman, Agnieszka; Kacmarova, Al Letter to the editor 1504
The lexical/phrasal status of Polish noun+adjective or noun+noun combinations and the relevance of coordination as a diagnostic test. Cetnarowska, Bozena Report 6558
The meaning of diminutives: a first-order perspective. Schneider, Klaus P. Report 6555
The missing nominalization. Lieber, Rochelle Report 4076
The syntagmatic and paradigmatic axes of productivity: an application to the onomasiological model of word-formation. Fernandez-Dominguez, Jesus Report 4987
The theory of the Great Chain of Being (GCB) revisited: the case of GCB-level-conditioned animal terms. Kieltyka, Robert Report 5384
Words in the pursuit of Pavol Stekauer. 582

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