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EASTENDERS star Michelle Collins is leaving her role as Albert Square sex siren Cindy Beale.

The move will shock her millions of fans. But vixen Cindy has vowed to return after a short break.

Michelle, 32, will be written out of the BBC soap along with Michael French, who plays her screen lover David Wicks.

He is quitting to pursue other TV offers, including a series being created specially for him.

But EastEnders scriptwriters have promised that the pair will go out on a ratings winner.

Scheming Cindy, who has been two-timing hubby Ian (Adam Woodyatt), begs bad boy David to run away with her.

The cunning mum-of-three has been saving her pounds 2,000-a-month allowance from Ian so they can set up a lovenest together.

One EastEnders insider said: "Cindy will have salted away about pounds 14,000.

"She is desperate for David to leave the square with her and the kids."

The couple, whose sizzling affair has hooked 20 million viewers, will do a moonlight flit without telling a soul.

Only Grant Mitchell (Ross Kemp) sees the lovebirds driving out of Walford in David's car.

The sensational scenes are due to be filmed in June, but will not be screened until August.

Six years ago Cindy ran away with David's brother Simon Wicks, who fathered her son Steven.

Now cheated Ian will have lost his missus to BOTH his half-brothers

The insider said: "This will rock the square - not to mention the viewers.

"Poor old Ian. First he loses his wife to Simon... then six years later the other brother comes along and nicks her too!"
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Author:Sayid, Ruki
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Feb 11, 1996
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