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SIZA challenges and dreams.

Dreams are challenges and as in the inspiring words of William Butler Yeats: "In dreams begins responsibility". As we see the skyline of the year 2000 emerging on the horizon the dream of health for all seems to be seriously threatened by a rude awakening.

Looking at "the year 2000" however as a symbol or ideal instead of a fixed point of time we can find a lot to rejoice at.

We see promising new therapies being developed for a wide range of clinical conditions; human life span increasing every where; systems are being devised for universal health care; disease prevention is recognized and practiced as a basic function of every healthcare delivery system. "The year 2000" will surely come sooner or later, SIZA is one pharmaceutical company of Pakistan which never losses sight of this ideal and never losses a chance to work for achieving it.


SIZA International (Pvt.) Limited was established in 1980 to manufacture highest quality Infusion Solutions in Pakistan. At the time of its establishment there were very few pharmaceutical companies engaged in the manufacturing of Infusion Solutions. Most of the country's requirements at that time were met through imports. Which were a huge burden on the meagre foreign exchange reserves of our country. A group of dedicated and dynamic entrepreneurs, joined hands and established SIZA employing the latest Western Technology for the manufacturing of Infusion Solutions. With an annual capacity of more than six million bottles. SIZA instantly became one of the largest manufacturers of Infusion Solutions in Pakistan. With the establishment of SIZA, Pakistan was listed among the few advanced countries of the world who had the "BOTTLE PACK SYSTEM".

Innovative System

The "BOTTLE PACK SYSTEM" pointed towards the future in liquid filling. It blow moulds, fills and seals the product all in one fully automatic machine involving one complete cycle. There were numerous benefits of this modern technology over the conventional method used in Pakistan at that time. Primarily when pharmaceuticals (e.g. intravenous solutions, vaccines etc.) are filled on a conventional filling line, this has to be carried out in a sterile room, to avoid contamination of the sterile product, even then the possibility of contamination is never entirely excluded. However, the "BOTTLE PACK" could carry out a completely sterile filling operation in a perfectly built in sterile environment.

Soon after starting production of Infusion Solutions SIZA decided to introduce high quality tablets and dragees.

Product Range

SIZA Infusion Solutions range includes various strengths of dextrose in ultra-sterile distilled water and normal saline, sodium chloride and Ringer Lactate. SIZA speciality pharmaceuticals include a wide range of high quality therapeutic preparations including antihistamines, antidepressants, anabolic steroids, N.S.A.I.Ds, anthelmintics, diuretics, sympatho-mimetic agents, Beta blockers, Ca++ antagonists, antibiotics, anti-spasmodics, G.I. agents, vitamins etc. SIZA generic preparations include corticosteroids, analgesics, antidiarrhoeals, antiprotozoals, antibiotics etc. Before the current year is out two new product lines will INSHA-ALLAH, be added to the existing production facility, namely injectables and pediatric suspensions.

Heartening Response

The response of the medical profession and medical institutions to SIZA products so far has been encouraging, even heartening. Reason being a pragmatic product policy. Being a national organization SIZA keeps constant tabs on the people it is out to serve. That's why SIZA products always have an edge over their competitors in terms of cost benefit ratio. They are widely preferred because they fulfil their respective promises and are affordable. To be known as "doctor friendly" and, by virtue of that, "patient friendly" is what we rejoice at.

Soon, SIZA will burgeon into a number of highly sophisticated research projects. Joint ventures and collaborative arrangements with world renowned research based organizations are on the cards to introduce local manufacture of state of art pharmaceuticals.

We are under no illusions about the realities we live with, such as the priorities attached by our policy makers to the matters of public health. SIZA would however like to actively participate sometime in future in indigenous pharmaceutical research as a sequel to the transfer of technology from advanced countries.

Since this would involve quite a tidy sum to expand we would look forward to a plan to this effect on shared basis. It would call for harnessing diverse resources and concerted efforts by all the national pharmaceutical companies of Pakistan. Developing indigenous research would equally benefit all concerned and would open new avenues of national well being and progress.
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