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SISTERWOMAN.COM Community Names Ellen DeGeneres ''Ideal Dinner Guest''; Maya Angelou, Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton are Runners-Up.

SEATTLE -- Ellen DeGeneres has been named the "Ideal Dinner Guest," according to a poll conducted by, a new social networking site that celebrates women's friendships. Voters cited the talk show host's ability to make others laugh as the No. 1 reason to invite her over for dinner.

Ellen garnered 28% of the vote to win; finishing in a very close second was living legend Maya Angelou with 26% of votes. And in what could be a foreshadowing of the 2008 presidential race, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton finished neck-and-neck at third and fourth with 10% and 9.5% of votes, respectively. Overall, respondents said their ideal dinner guest should bring more to the table than just her fame. She should be engaging and entertaining yet "down-to-earth enough to eat mac and cheese with me and my kids," says one.

Pointing to her quirky sense of humor as her No. 1 ideal-dinner-guest quality, DeGeneres is also "spirited and smart," comments one poll taker. Says another: "It would be like having a really cool relative who just happens to be uber funny and a celebrity."

Angelou's wisdom and intelligence were just two of the attributes that would make her the perfect guest. "Maya Angelou epitomizes what it means to be strong, confident and talented," one fan says. "You could learn more in one hour with her than anyone else on the planet."

Demonstrating the sheer force of her popularity, write-in vote Oprah Winfrey finished in the top 5. Other write-ins included Meryl Streep, Gayle King, Princess Diana, and Mary Magdalene.

Randomly selected members of the Sisterwoman community were asked to choose the ideal dinner guest from a list that also included Martha Stewart, Kelly Ripa, Barbara Walters, Paula Abdul, comedian Margaret Cho and actress Denise Richards.

"My first choice would have been Martha Stewart but then I would have been too worried if my dinner didn't come out okay," comments one respondent. "So then I decided it would be Ellen DeGeneres because then we could just laugh it off if it didn't."

About is the first online community to celebrate and nurture women's real-life "SisterCircles," while also fostering connections to new girlfriends from around the world. It allows women to easily share experiences, emotions, and advice, and to exchange information such as videos, photos, and social calendars. gives girlfriends an easy way to stay in touch despite increasingly hectic lives.
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Date:Jun 8, 2006
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