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SIRE Technologies Synchronizes Paper and Electronic Documents.

SIRE WarehouseSync Coordinates Document Lifecycle Management for Both Hard and Soft Copies for Cities, Counties and State Organizations

SALT LAKE CITY -- SIRE Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of content and legislative management solutions for government entities, announced today a new component of the SIRE EDMS (Electronic Document Management System), called SIRE WarehouseSync. This application allows cities and counties to now manage the retention schedules of both paper and electronic documents simultaneously with a single system by synchronizing paper documents stored in a vault or warehouse to their SIRE EDMS using a hand-held barcode scanner or PDA.

City and county records tend to be stored in vast warehouses containing millions of documents, making it difficult at times to find and retrieve the paper document when needed. By using a barcode scanner, SIRE WarehouseSync makes it easy to link paper documents to their scanned equivalent online. Users can quickly assign and then identify which box, shelf, cabinet and storage facility holds the specific document they are looking for. This also enables records managers to know where to find appropriate documents for shredding or other action when the maturity date has arrived.

When a paper copy is moved, simply scanning the box and the new shelf number automatically updates SIRE EDMS with the new location of the document.

"Time and space are elements of great concerns for those involved in the filing, storage and retrieval of government documents," said Kris Painter, president of SIRE Technologies. "We are working to help local governments be more efficient. SIRE WarehouseSync takes the guesswork and heavy lifting out of document retrieval and retention management. It also helps users better manage their warehouse space by tracking how much volume is available."

Upon the maturity date, the hard copy of the document can be scheduled to be shredded and the electronic copy can be sent to an archive writer, burned to a CD, or deleted. The deleted files on the hard drive are then overwritten seven times, per compliance with DoD 5010.2.

"Many states have laws that prohibit cities from immediately destroying record originals when they are scanned," Painter said. "Although scanning the documents with SIRE makes it considerably easier to find, retrieve and print those documents, cities and counties are often still required to keep the printed original for a specified number of years. Managing the retention schedule of the originals creates considerably more work for the staff. WarehouseSync provides a simple, convenient way to link the physical document to its scanned image counterpart while simultaneously managing the retention schedules of both."

SIRE WarehouseSync is available now as a turnkey plug-in application to SIRE EDMS.

About SIRE Technologies, Inc.

SIRE Technologies, Inc. is a multi-national organization with a 23-year history of helping government and businesses solve the challenges associated with electronic content and legislative management. SIRE Technologies is about people, products and promises working harmoniously to pave the way for its clients to achieve results they never dreamed were possible. SIRE Technologies' mission is to help its clients achieve Better Outcomes[TM] through industry-leading solutions, exceptional support, and comprehensive services. For more than two decades, SIRE's core focus has been on local and state government agencies. This has resulted in a deep understanding of the environment in which governments operate and the challenges they face related to compliance, budget, and politics. For more information about SIRE, call (801) 977-8608 or visit
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Date:Oct 2, 2006
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