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SIRE Technologies Provides Growing Florida Cities and Counties with Efficient Agenda Management.

SIRE Technologies Signs Contracts with Florida Cities and Counties to Provide Agenda Management Solutions

SALT LAKE CITY -- SIRE Technologies, Inc., a leading provider in content and agenda management solutions, today announced it has signed contracts with cities and counties in Florida to provide its agenda automation solution, Agenda Plus[TM]. The most recent cities and counties in Florida to sign with SIRE include: Lee County, Sarasota County and the City of Cape Coral.

"The average citizen typically has little opportunity to learn how much time and effort goes into the preparation of the agendas for city council or county board meetings," said Kris Painter, President of SIRE Technologies. "The process for manually creating a paper-based agenda differs by city or county; however, they all share a similar challenge: it takes a tremendous amount of time and energy to create agendas by hand. We are seeing an evolution in Florida for cities and counties to move away from paper-based, form-intensive processes to an automated program. This saves time and money by streamlining and automating agenda creation procedures, simplifying agenda item approval processes and integrating related systems."

SIRE Agenda Plus is inherently flexible in design to help when clients experience change in statutes, policies, ordinances, or when newly elected officials come onto the scene. Furthermore, because each city and county has its own best practices in dealing with how they create and use their agendas, SIRE takes the time to work with its clients to integrate a solution that meets their exact needs.

"SIRE has been extremely knowledgeable and very attentive to our organization's specific needs," said Scott Craig, Records Technology Specialist, of the City of Cape Coral, Florida. "By automating our processes and moving the documents online, we are much more productive. We also will minimize paper waste since the agendas will be published to the Website, as opposed to large stacks of paper. The public and media alike have loved having access to documents online."

SIRE Technologies is a pioneer in the agenda automation industry and has continually led the way with new innovations and meaningful capabilities.

Florida cities and counties are also turning to SIRE Agenda Plus to receive the means to streamline the minutes making process and allow users to package their meeting minutes, summaries, and agenda with all the supporting materials with a single key stoke. When it is time to publish the minutes, agendas, and summaries to a Website, Agenda Plus automatically formats the documents to meet specific requirements.

Cities and counties are also given the option of incorporating streaming video into their council and board meetings. This makes it possible to broadcast meetings live over the Internet, and then save the video as a searchable, archived record of the meetings. This allows users to search meeting topics over the Internet and find video, minutes and agendas that pertain to their search criteria. SIRE's end-to-end solution provides new levels of efficiency for cities and counties to manage their meetings.

About SIRE Technologies, Inc.

SIRE Technologies, Inc. is a multi-national organization with a 23-year history of helping government and businesses solve the challenges associated with electronic content and legislative management. SIRE Technologies is about people, products and promises working harmoniously to pave the way for its clients to achieve results they never dreamed were possible. SIRE Technologies' mission is to help its clients achieve Better Outcomes[TM] through industry-leading solutions, exceptional support, and comprehensive services. For more than two decades, SIRE's core focus has been on local and state government agencies. This has resulted in a deep understanding of the environment in which governments operate and the challenges they face related to compliance, budget, and politics. For more information about SIRE, call (801) 977-8608 or visit
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Date:Oct 23, 2006
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