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Byline: The Register-Guard

Sinclair J. Murchy

Age 87 | Hometown: Aberdeen, Wash. | Tech sergeant, 15th Air Force, 301st Bombardment Group, 32nd Bomb Squadron | Army Air Corps | Europe

Flight engineer and top turret gunner on a B-17 out of Italy. Shot down and was temporarily a prisoner of the Soviets. Took 54 days to get back to Italy. Completed 35 missions.

Charleton "Chuck" R. Cox

Age 87 | Hometown: Seattle | Lieutenant | Army Air Corps | Europe

B-17 navigator, bailed out in Alps. Fought with Italian partisans against the Italian Fascists. Shown holding up his hands as if taking aim with the British rifle he used in the partisan raids.

"The (Italian) partisans liked me and the co-pilot because we had both grown up shooting rifles. When they saw how deadly we were with the rifle, they had special jobs for us whenever they were attacked ..."

- Chuck Cox, on his experience behind enemy lines

Leonard St. Clair

Age 98 | Hometown: Conrad, Iowa | Lieutenant junior grade | Navy | Pacific

Served as an officer aboard his ship.

Charlie Sweeney

Age 95 | Hometown: Dubuque, Iowa | Technician fourth grade, 34th "Red Bull" Infantry Division | Army | Europe, North Africa

Participated in the Anzio, Italy, operation.

Richard Atwood

Age 89 | Hometown: Corvallis | Staff sergeant, 306th Bomb Group | Army Air Corps | Europe | Air Medal with five silver clusters

Completed 30 missions as a tail gunner in a B-17.
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Date:Dec 6, 2011
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