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THERE are just a few days to go before the razzmatazz of the World Cup kicks off on our TV screens. But forget England, Brazil and Germany, we are talking about the contest between the numerous soccer sims that are already flying off the shelves in the biggest games tournament for years. Here Mega Mirror finds out which ones are the high scorers and which are left behind in the dressing room.

SENSIBLE SOCCER World Cup 98 (pounds 34.99 PC)

THIS is a new version of the Amiga classic Sensible Soccer. It relies on a two-button style of gameplay and it's got a overhead view which lets you see all the players at once. It looks much the same as the original except the new game has a 3-D replay. The gameplay is fast but looks old- fashioned and lacks detail. But it scores with its playability.

World Cup 98 (PlayStation, N64, PC CD-ROM, pounds 39.99)

THE official licensed game, it has already shot to the top of the charts and is better than even FIFA: Road To World Cup 98. It accurately shows all 10 stadiums and has celebrity commentators including Gary Lineker and Chris Waddle. It's easy to play and lets you choose different tactics. A Classic World Cup mode lets you re-play finals. Four can play at once.

Three Lions (pounds 44.99 PlayStation; pounds 39.99 PC)

OFFICIAL England team game is already a top performer with PlayStation. It has 50 international teams with fully interchangeable squads and you can alter tactics at the touch of a button. There are also secret teams, including classic England and Brazil sides. On the downside it lacks the realism of World League Soccer, and like England, it will have to raise its game on the night.

ISS Pro & ISS64 (pounds 19.99 PlayStation; pounds 34.99 N64)

ISSPro, and the N64 version ISS64, scored rave reviews and shot straight to the top of the console charts when they were released a year ago. ISSPro is one of the most versatile soccers sims around - it includes 32 international teams. In ISS64 up to four players take control of 36 international squads and the game boasts great graphics.

World League Soccer (pounds 34.99 PlayStation; pounds 39.99 PC)

BIT of an outsider that's a hybrid of the old Fever Pitch and Olympic Soccer sims, but which has some excellent gameplay. There are plenty of moves to master such as flicks, headers and one-twos plus neat effects like players' heads and torsos which follow the play. Plays smoothly, but without a known pedigree it will have a hard time getting to the quarter finals.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 6, 1998
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