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 MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Aug. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Silicon Graphics Inc. (NYSE: SGI) today introduced the InPerson(TM) desktop conferencing software, the most advanced package for interactive collaborative work. Designed for Silicon Graphics' workstations -- including the new Indy(TM) desktop system -- InPerson takes advantage of Silicon Graphics' digital media hardware and the new Indigo Magic(TM) user environment. Combined with Indy, which comes with a color digital video camera, InPerson requires no additional hardware for professional-quality audio and video capabilities. It enables users to share high-quality audio, video, text, images and 3D models in real-time over standard network connections.
 "We are in an era of complex communication where creativity and close working relationships are critical to delivering innovative, successful and competitive products," said Way Ting, vice president and general manager of Silicon Graphics' Visual Magic Division. "With the InPerson desktop conferencing software, users can share technical and creative information and develop creative insights quickly and interactively in an online group conference. The InPerson software unlocks the full potential of Silicon Graphics' desktop systems and the Indigo Magic user environment. It is the key to collaborative work."
 InPerson exploits Indigo Magic, the industry's first media user interface, which combines the most extensive use of drag-and-drop icons with full access to the digital media power of Silicon Graphics systems. With the Indigo Magic environment and the InPerson software, users can interact with multiple conference participants using live video and audio. A shared media board lets conference participants share, view, mark up and interact with conference data on an unlimited number of media board pages. The entire media board can be saved as a file for later reference or for broad distribution.
 InPerson is application-independent, allowing users to import an image for review and mark-up from any application window. Multiple applications can be used to review, capture and include data in the conference. It is also fully equipped with multi-way conferencing and messaging indicators enabling users to receive notification of calls missed, to place a current call on hold for incoming calls and to easily join active conferences.
 The InPerson software is designed for the most efficient use of the system and network. InPerson works easily over standard UNIX(R) networking protocols, eliminating the need for special networks. It supports a range of video resolutions and frame rates, including a high-resolution mode for display of real-world objects such as design prototypes.
 Combined with Indy, the newest member of the Indigo(TM) family of desktop workstations, the InPerson software delivers a complete desktop conferencing environment. It also enables viewing of transmitted video and interaction with the media board regardless of the video-in capabilities of a participant's system.
 The InPerson software will first be available for the Indy and Indigo(2) desktop systems in December 1993, and across other Silicon Graphics workstations by year-end 1994. A single-user license will be available for $495, which includes full-color video capabilities, shared media board and call management tools.
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