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SIGN OF EVIL; ROLF HARRIS GUILTY: SICK PAIR TOGETHER EXCLUSIVE: Day Harris & Savile penned autographs for fans at Broadmoor.


ROLF Harris was shown around Broadmoor hospital by Jimmy Savile as female patients were undressing for bed.

The celebrity paedophiles, who had earlier signed autographs at a fete, leered at vulnerable young inmates.

Alison Pink - who said Savile abused her at Broadmoor- remembered the pair suddenly turning up on a women's ward just as patients were preparing to strip in the corridor.

The ex-patient, now called Steven George after a sex change, believes the pair were "birds of a feather". Steven said: "Harris turned up one evening out of the blue. He was being shown around by Savile in an understated way. Normally stars only came if they were there for an official performance but Harris didn't do one.

"It was also unusual because visitors would come at visiting hours, between 10am and 4pm, but they came in as we were getting ready for bed."

It can now be revealed that Harris' visit was mentioned in last week's report on Savile's abuse of vulnerable victims in the hospital.

While it found no evidence of wrongdoing by Harris, it stated: "We heard convincing accounts of a pattern of inappropriate behaviour surrounding Savile's attendance on female wards at bath time and bedtime... female patients would be obliged to strip while lined up in corridors.

"We heard that Savile followed a clear pattern of arriving on a female ward at just before this time."

The report adds: "Unchallenged by staff, he would then watch from behind, as the row of female patients undressed."

Steven, now 62, first wrote an account of Harris' Broadmoor visit in his 2012 autobiography "Heartless".

Alison was sent to the high-security psychiatric hospital as a teenager after she ran away from her adoptive parents and set fire to a property.

Top of the Pops host Savile was a frequent volunteer and was given his own keys and living quarters at the hospital. Alison was on the York ward when the men visited at the height of their fame. They then headed to the Lancaster ward, where women who were being punished had to strip in the corridor in front of warders.

Steven said: "Harris was very famous at the time and had his weekend show.

He walked down the passageway of York ward with Savile opening the doors along with a nursing officer.

"Some of the girls came out and there was an unprompted performance of Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport. He then went through to the punishment ward. At that time of the evening all the girls on that ward would have been undressed ready for bed. We all had to get completely undressed in the hallway in front of the staff, male and female, to show nothing was being taken into our rooms.

"I thought it was odd that he was walking through the female wards and not doing a show. It was strange that he arrived at the same time the women were undressing for bed."

Steven said Alison was 17 when Savile molested her by putting his hands up her dress as she watched TV with patients on Lancaster ward.

Today the Mirror is publishing exclusive shots of Harris and Savile as they signed autographs at a fete in July 1973.

The photos were taken by Neil Taylor, 63, now a kitemaker living in Harris' hometown of Perth, Australia. He said: "He has been a bit of a hero to me all my life, so the recent revelations came as a real shock.

"I lived close to Broadmoor at the time and we would visit all the summer fetes.

"They were huge entertainers of that era, so I stopped to get a picture of them both. It didn't cross my mind that they had anything to do with the hospital."

The Bracknell Times ran a report on the event with the headline "star-studded Broadmoor fete raises PS800".

It said: "Jimmy spends an enormous amount of time at the hospital and is a regular visitor to the annual fete.

"The fete's other celebrity, Rolf Harris, who did not arrive until later in the afternoon, proved a big hit, too."


guilty secret Rolf Harris smiles as he meets a fan

paedo poser Shirtless Savile signs autograph
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