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 SAN RAFAEL, Calif., Oct. 18 /PRNewswire/-- Jandel Scientific today announced that SigmaScan/IMAGE Measurement Software for Windows 3.1 is now shipping. SigmaScan/IMAGE replaces rulers, protractors, and planimeters with a simple, easy-to-use software package. Users can now make a variety of morphology and intensity measurements directly from images displayed on their PC monitor using simple point and click operations. SigmaScan/IMAGE also features drawing and text tools for image annotation, a SigmaPlot compatible worksheet with mathematical transforms for data analysis, and built-in plotting for data visualization.
 SigmaScan/IMAGE is designed to accelerate measurement of images, graphs, and charts in engineering, materials analysis, geoscience, forensics, neuroscience, molecular biology, basic sciences, and other environments where photographs, charts, and digital images are routinely examined. Color and monochrome image files can be loaded from scanners, disk, or CD-ROM. This is particularly convenient when working with X-rays, electrophoresis gels, charts, photographs, and images saved in digital formats directly from instruments. SigmaScan/IMAGE supports TIFF, BMP, TGA, PCX, and GIF image file formats and runs on IBM compatibles.
 Users can measure images with point-to-point mouse clicks or continuous tracing of objects. The system's measurement features include perimeter, area, distance, angle, slope, XY coordinates, compactness, feret diameter, shape factor, major/minor axes (length, slope, endpoint coordinates), center of mass (gray and binary), running tally, variable width line intensity, average intensity, and point intensity.
 Since analysis and presentation of data are often necessary, SigmaScan/IMAGE comes with a built-in 65,000 row by 16,000 column worksheet with a transform language and data plotting feature. Measurements are automatically collected in the worksheet for subsequent analysis or plotting. Over 50 mathematical transforms are available for data analysis. These include algebraic, trigonometric, range, random number, area and distance, statistical, and other functions, which can be manipulated using conditional
"if..., then..., else..." statements to customize data analysis. Data worksheet files can be saved in Mocha and SigmaPlot for Windows, Lotus, ASCII, and comma delimited formats.
 SigmaScan/IMAGE, developed out of Jandel's combined experience in PC-based image analysis (Mocha, JAVA, SigmaScan for DOS) and scientific data presentation (SigmaPlot), includes a convenient data plotting capability with customizable graph and axes titles, regression lines, Y vs. row, X vs.Y, and X vs. multiple Y plots. This enables scientists to quickly visualize and print their results without having to export their data to another program. However, should additional presentation capabilities be required, SigmaScan/IMAGE can interactively SigmaLink* with SigmaPlot for Windows.
 In addition to data visualization tools, SigmaScan/IMAGE offers an image annotation toolbar for highlighting images with text, ovals, boxes, lines, grids, and arrows. Images are edited in any of four non-destructive overlay planes that can be saved separately or as part of the image for use in technical publications or for record keeping. Once annotations are complete, images can be output on any Windows supported printing device or exported to other programs. Image files can be saved in .TIF (compressed and uncompressed), .BMP, and .PCX formats with or without annotations.
 To accelerate learning and usage, SigmaScan/IMAGE offers an icon- oriented Windows design, customizable interface preferences, intuitive dialog boxes, standardized menu selections, and on-line help.
 SigmaScan/IMAGE requires an IBM compatible PC, Windows 3.1 in enhanced mode, 4 MB RAM (more depending on number and size of images), 3 MB free disk space plus room for images, a 256 color VGA monitor at a minimum 640 X 480 pixel resolution, and Microsoft compatible mouse. A math coprocessor is recommended.
 SigmaScan/IMAGE is available on 3-1/2" high density diskettes with comprehensive manuals, tutorial images and text, free technical support, and electronic bulletin board. The program's list price is $495. Registered SigmaScan/DOS owners are invited to contact the Jandel Sales Department for a comparison of the DOS and Windows products and special pricing.
 About Jandel Scientific
 Jandel Scientific, founded in 1982, develops and markets scientific and engineering software directly and through dealers to scientists and engineers worldwide. One of the fastest growing small businesses in the United States, Jandel has been listed three times as an INC 500 company. Jandel has a wholly-owned subsidiary in Germany that sells to and supports its customers in Europe. Jandel data analysis and presentation products include SigmaPlot, SigmaStat, TableCurve for Windows (2D), TableCurve 3D for Windows, SigmaScan/Image, Mocha, and PeakFit, with a total installed base of over 55,000 users.
 NOTE: SigmaPlot, SigmaLink, Mocha, Java, and SigmaScan are trademarks of Jandel Scientific. All other product names are trademarks of their respective companies.
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 /CONTACT: Craig Rappaport, senior product manager, 415-453-6700 ext. 267; or Walter Feigenson, marketing Director, ext. 261; or Joseph Osborn, president, ext. 214, all of Jandel Scientific.

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