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 SAN RAFAEL, Calif., Aug. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Jandel Scientific today began shipments of SigmaPlot for Windows, the new Windows release of the product scientists use more than any other to prepare their graphics for publication. "Unlike general business graphics packages, SigmaPlot for Windows includes a full range of scientific features -- automatic error bars, huge data set handling, non-linear curve fitting, axis breaks, multiple axes, regression lines, confidence intervals, reference lines, and more," said Joe Osborn, president of Jandel.
 SigmaPlot for Windows allows totally customized technical graphs for publication. Its true Windows interface allows users to easily create 2D graphs and 3D mesh and scatter plots by selecting from pictures of graph types. Graph attributes, including line thickness, axes types, symbol choices, error bars, and others can be changed or adjusted from one comprehensive dynamic dialog box, or by selecting objects on the graph itself.
 "I have worked with a number of different scientific plotting programs for Windows (Stanford Graphics, Origin for Windows, Plot-It, DeltaGraph) and SigmaPlot for Windows is by far the best," said Douglas D. Hanson, Ph.D., a beta tester from the Forsyth Dental Center in Boston. Jim Uchizono, Pharm. D., beta tester from the University of California at San Francisco said, "I rated SigmaPlot as excellent. I wish more Windows products would be as complete as this package will be for Version 1.0. The overall functionality of this package is second to none."
 SigmaPlot for Windows offers many major enhancements for speed and ease of use. For example, users can now view multiple data sets with their graphs simultaneously in sizable windows. These multiple data worksheets and graphic pages can be merged together, opened, closed, sized and positioned at will, which lets users see and analyze more of their data at one time. SigmaPlot for Windows supports OLE, which allows users to embed graphic objects directly into major word processors, spreadsheets and other Windows products. The product also features a tool bar, a toolbox palette and Windows context-sensitive help.
 SigmaPlot's powerful data analysis capabilities include import options from spreadsheet and text files, "true" calculated and manual error bars, an extensive range of mathematical analysis functions, regression lines (through the origin if desired) and a robust non-linear curve fitter. SigmaPlot calculates confidence intervals and prediction intervals at 95 percent and 99 percent levels. "If...then...else" statements, "for" loops and automatically calculated descriptive statistics allow the user to perform sophisticated data analysis not found in any other PC graphing packages.
 Other SigmaPlot for Windows features include graph viewing options for "Full Screen Page," "Fit in Window" and multiple zoom levels in increments between 50-400 percent. User-defined tick marks on any axes, even of unequal intervals, a customized color palette, and 16 million colors are available. True Type and Adobe Type Manager fonts are supported.
 SigmaPlot for Windows retains complete compatibility with graph, transform and curve-fit files from SigmaPlot DOS versions 4.0-5.0 and SigmaPlot for Macintosh. SigmaPlot for Windows joins Jandel Scientific's full range of scientific data analysis and presentation tools available on Windows, DOS, and Mac platforms.
 SigmaPlot for Windows is now available for $495 from Jandel Scientific and selected dealers worldwide. It comes with complete documentation and tutorials. Jandel provides a 90-day money-back guarantee and free technical support.
 About Jandel Scientific
 Jandel Scientific, founded in 1982, develops and markets scientific and engineering software directly and through dealers to research and industry scientists and engineers worldwide. As one of the fastest growing small businesses in the United States, Jandel has been listed three times as an INC 500 company. The company has a wholly owned subsidiary in Germany that sells to and supports its customers in Europe. Jandel data analysis and presentation products include SigmaPlot, SigmaStat, TableCurve, PeakFit, SigmaScan Image, and Mocha, which together have an installed base of over 55,000 users. Jandel Scientific is located at 2591 Kerner Blvd. in San Rafael, CA 94901; phone: 800-874-1888 or 415-453-6700.
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 /CONTACT: Robin Rafferty, product manager (for product information), 415-453-6700, ext. 259; or for corporate information, Joseph Osborn, president, 415-453-6700, ext. 214, or Walter Feigenson, marketing director, 415-453-6700, ext. 261, all of Jandel Scientific/

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