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SIGHTSOUND.COM Takes Windows Media Player 7 Users to the Movies; Download The New Player and Get a High-Resolution Copy of QUANTUM PROJECT.

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SIGHTSOUND.COM announced today that to celebrate the launch of Windows Media Player 7, people who download the new Windows Media Player 7 from Microsoft Corp. can also download a high-resolution copy of QUANTUM PROJECT courtesy of Microsoft and SIGHTSOUND.COM. Microsoft is releasing Windows Media Player 7, the first all-in-one digital media player, at midnight tonight at (

QUANTUM PROJECT is the first film created exclusively for distribution on the Internet and was produced by Barnet Bain and Stephen Simon through their company Metafilmics (WHAT DREAMS MAY COME) and SIGHTSOUND.COM. The film has been sold to people in 55 different countries since its May 5, 2000 release date.

"SIGHTSOUND.COM has selected Windows Media as the format of choice for secure, encrypted, downloadable movies on the Internet," notes Scott Sander, president and CEO of SIGHTSOUND.COM. "Offering QUANTUM PROJECT with the release of Windows Media Player 7 shows off the incredible sound and picture quality of Windows Media and the convenience of Internet movie distribution."

Like all of SIGHTSOUND.COM'S movies, QUANTUM PROJECT is delivered to consumers using the high quality Windows Media technologies including the player, media rights manager and compression technologies.

"Windows Media Player 7 is making it easy and fun for millions of people to listen to CD-quality digital music and watch movies via the Internet," said Kevin Unangst, group product manager for Microsoft's Digital Media Division. "Great content like SIGHTSOUND.COM's full length films really shows off the capabilities of Windows Media Player 7."

The promotion begins at midnight tonight with the launch of the Windows Media Player 7 and will continue for 60 days, ending on Sept. 18. Users sign on at ( to download secure and encrypted copies of the movie and receive the decryption key, free of charge, courtesy of Microsoft and SIGHTSOUND.COM.

QUANTUM PROJECT is offered for sale on and for $3.95.

About Quantum Project

QUANTUM PROJECT --a combination of live action and extensive CGI and 3D effects--is the first Internet feature film. The movie was produced by Academy Award Winning Metafilmics (WHAT DREAMS MAY COME), directed by Eugenio Zanetti (RESTORATION, THE HAUNTING), starring Stephen Dorff (BLADE), Fay Masterson (EYES WIDE SHUT) and John Cleese (THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH) and written by David Aaron Cohen (THE DEVIL'S OWN) with production design by Oliver Scholl (GODZILLA, INDEPENDENCE DAY). QUANTUM PROJECT began shooting in mid-March in Los Angeles and was released on May 5, 2000.

About Metafilmics

Metafilmics was formed in 1995 by producers Barnet Bain and Stephen Simon to develop and produce projects that entertain, empower and inspire by portraying characters as both human and spiritual beings. Metafilmics' feature production debut, 1998's What Dreams May Come, grossed more than $100 million in world-wide box office and was nominated for two and won one Academy Award for Best Visual Effects. The film won several other awards including a Blockbuster Entertainment Award (for favorite Supporting Actor), a Golden Satellite Award (for Visual Effects), an NAACP Image Award (for Supporting Actor) and a production design award from the Society of Motion Picture and Television Art Directors. Metafilmics projects in development include a motion picture based on Neale Donald Walsch's best-selling Conversations with God books.


SIGHTSOUND.COM is a five-year old Internet company that has built the infrastructure to support the motion picture industry as it expands into digital distribution. The company began when engineer Arthur Hair developed a technology to eliminate the physical distribution of music and video, for rental and sale, by instead delivering digital audio and video files over a network like the Internet. This innovation was the basis of a portfolio of patents and the founding of SIGHTSOUND.COM in 1995 by Hair and Sander.

SIGHTSOUND.COM sells movies from four primary locations: the official movie websites, peer to peer file-sharing networks, banner ads on the net and through
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