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 From the Casebook of Laura Bow -- 'The Dagger of Amon Ra' --
 A Classic Who Dunnit for MS-DOS
 OAKHURST, Calif., June 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Laura's back. The

small-screen snooper returns for another murder-filled marathon in "The Dagger of Amon Ra," just released for MS-DOS. This chapter of the Laura Bow Mystery Series will keep desktop detectives deducing all summer long as they attempt to untangle Sierra's most complex adventure game release in years.
 Laura Bow, college-educated since her escapades in "The Colonel's Bequest," lands a job as a cub reporter in New York. Her first assignment (which just might be her last) is to discover who stole the Dagger of Amon Ra, a priceless Egyptian artifact, from the Leyendecker Museum. Trapped in the cavernous old monument, Laura is stalked by a malicious murderer and faced with scores of tough, intricate puzzles. One by one the staff and patrons of the museum are being murdered in gruesome, terrifying ways. Before she can unmask the sinister suspect and find the missing "Dagger," Laura must interview suspicious socialites and staff and chronicle their every move in the on-line notebook. Laura must search hidden rooms deep within the Leyendecker and seek out the clues that will uncover the murderer's identity and lead the return of the "Dagger." Fail and she will become the next victim.
 "Players who experienced 'The Colonel's Bequest' will notice how much we have expanded Laura's character and the storyline," said Roberta Williams, creative consultant of "Dagger." "Laura has become the focus of the threat rather than the impartial observer. This places more pressure on the player to analyze each event and clue more closely in order to survive." "Dagger" contains the classic "who dunnit" appeal of the original "Colonel's Bequest" but also has more peripheral story elements and generally holds a livelier pace.
 Designer Bruce Balfour added, "In our research, we used books on criminology, poisons and other related subjects that illustrated creative ways to kill people. This added the perfect touch of realism to the game, while maintaining the humor."
 Technical and artistic advances helped to sharpen the dramatic presentation of the game. Character scaling adds depth and three- dimensionality. And for the first time, watch daylight turn to dusk, then darkness, as lanterns and candles are lit, casting off an eerie and haunting glow within the museum, in a technique called palette shifting. New added icons enable Laura to interrogate dozens of suspects on a variety of topics and a magnification feature allows players to examine evidence more closely than ever before.
 An important aspect in the mood development within "Dagger" is the distinctive artistic style of J.C. Leyendecker, known for his highly stylized works featuring stark dramatic backgrounds that offset intricately rendered characters. A complete Roaring '20s soundtrack complements the mood and adds an ambience synonymous with speakeasies, flappers and gangsters. "The Dagger of Amon Ra" includes a complete digitized sampled song, a first for a non-CD game from Sierra.
 "Dagger is the first game from Sierra to support both 256-color and 16-color on the same set of disks allowing players to choose VGA or EGA during installation, eliminating the need for separate packaging. The game is shipping on five 3.5-inch or six 5.25-inch high density disks. All major sound cards are supported and a hard disk is required. Suggested retail price is $69.95.
 Sierra On-Line (NASDAQ: SIER), located in Oakhurst, develops and publishes entertainment and education products for home computers. It is one of the oldest and largest developers of home computer applications.
 -0- 6/24/92
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