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Articles from SIECUS Report (March 22, 2004)

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1965: why the need for a sex information and education council of the united states as a new, separate organization. Member, Founding Board 320
1967: SIECUS hears from young men. 583
1968: a need in sex education--teacher preparation. Shimmel, Gilbert 598
1970 sex education lawsuit Kansas--impressions and implications. Gendel, Evalyn S. 453
1970: homosexuality and objectivity. Marmor, Judd 644
1971: The sexuality of aging. Calderone, Mary S. 401
1974 sexuality and the handicapped. Bidgood, Frederick E. 329
1976: sexuality and aging. Comfort, Alex 352
1978 legal briefs financing abortion: ploys revisited. Slovenko, Ralph 594
1980: parent-child communication. Holt, Steven A. 688
1980: the SIECUS/Uppsala principles basic to education for sexuality. Calderone, Mary S. 1214
1982: what does AIDS mean? Mass, Lawrence 525
1984: SIECUS 1984. Whitney, Barbara 382
1986 sex education must be stopped! Edwards, Sharon R. 512
1986 sexuality and disability: looking backward and forward. Boyle, Pamela S. 465
1986; Aids: avoiding witch-hunts. Bullough, Vern L. 601
1988: the AIDS epidemic implications for the sexuality education of our youth. Haffner, Debra W. 786
1990: homophobia in HIV/AIDS education. Thompson, Cooper 1011
1991 overturn the Gag Rule now. Haffner, Debra W. 587
1991: the omnipresent need professional training for sexuality education teachers. Krueger, Mary M. 467
1992 scared chaste?: Fear-based educational curricula. Kantor, Leslie M. 509
1994: forming a partnership between parents and sexuality educators reflections of a parent advocate. Wilson, Pamela M. 861
1994; One SIECUS vision: the future. Brick, Peggy 338
1996: SIECUS is pioneering a worldwide sexuality education effort. Shortridge, James L. 446
1999: Viagra 1999. Renshaw, Domeena C. Brief Article 232
2001 parents as sexuality educators for their children with developmental disabilities. Ballan, Michelle 1182
2001: kids need parents as sexuality educators; we need parents as advocates. Kreinin, Tamara 682
2001: social and developmental challenges for lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth. Futterman, Donna 595
2002: gay and lesbian aging. Woolf, Linda M. 335
2002: governments need to provide sexual health services to their citizens. Kreinin, Tamara 1232
2002: HIV/AIDS prevention and sexuality education must change to meet their promise. Aggleton, Peter 589
2003 a controversial decade: 10 years of tracking debates around sexuality education. Kempner, Martha E. 602
2003 election 2002: what does it mean for reproductive and sexual health. Smith, William A. 979
2003: what teachers want, need, and deserve. Goldfarb, Eva S. 322
2003: young people talk about sex. 764
2004: building on four decades of leadership. Friend, Richard 400
SIECUS turns forty. Kreinin, Tamara 1531

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