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You have had a busy day at work, it's pouring down with rain and you get drenched walking from the office to your car.

The traffic is horrendous and you're stuck in it for what seems like an eternity. The last thing you feel like doing when you get home is to spend time cooking.

All you want to do is to sit and relax, watching television or reading a book.

If you have not got the time, or simply do not want to slave over a hot stove, Tesco offers an alternative to eating baked beans on toast or bland microwave dinners.

Its new fresh noodles and noodle sauces are the refreshing answer for those who have a yen for easy-to-cook dishes.

The fresh noodles come in four varities: ribbon noodles with egg, thread noodles with egg, chilli or garlic noodles with egg.

To cook, simply place the noodles into a boiling pan of water for three minutes. Prices range from 89p to 95p per packet.

To spice up the noodles add Tesco's fresh noodle sauces. They come in five delicious flavours and range from pounds 1.39 to pounds 1.69.

Easy-to-cook meals do not have to be dull and boring as the five recipes below show. Just combine Tesco's fresh noodles with one of the sauces and add your choice of ingredients to make an exciting oriental dish. (For vegetarians substitute the meat ingrediant for a vegetable choice of your own).

Sweet and Sour: a classic Chinese sauce with chunks of pineapple, onions, red and green peppers and crisp water chestnuts.

Heat the sauce on its own or stir fry with thin slices of chicken or pork. Serve with thread noodles with egg.

Szechuan: a spicy Chinese sauce with red and green peppers and sliced onions.

Stir fry with vegetables for a tasty meal or heat on its own. Serve with fresh chilli thread noodles with egg.

Peking: a rich and sweet hoisin-style sauce with baby corn, mushrooms and onions. Add thin slices of chicken, pork or duck and serve with garlic thread noodles with egg.

Black Bean: a tasty Chinese sauce with sliced onions and red and green peppers. Add thin slices of beef or chicken or heat on its own. Serve with fresh ribbon noodles with egg.

Green Thai Curry: a classic Thai sauce with a rich and creamy coconut flavour, lightly spiced with chillies, lemon grass and lime leaves.

Add thin slices of chicken or heat on its own. Serve with fresh garlic thread noodles with egg.

Randolph Wilcox
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Date:Feb 24, 1998
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