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Can the CFA weather the euro storm? In a worst-case scenario, the battered 13-year-old Eurozone could break-up, creating difficult policy options for the 14 economies of Africa's Franc Zone whose currency, the CFA franc, is pegged to the euro. Is Africa's Franc Zone braced to weather the storm in the event of a euro break-up? Statistical data Feb 1, 2012 1419
World growth now depends on Africa: while the Eurozone lurches from crisis to crisis, Africa has been registering record growth levels and has now become the prime focus of investors looking for areas of solid growth to invest in. Africa, until recently on the fringes of world economic activity, has suddenly become the centre. Jan 1, 2012 1384
African banks healthy and liquid. Oct 1, 2011 1481
Remittances: a powerful tool for growth: remittances from Africans in the diaspora now amount to a staggering $40bn per annum. But the benefits from the flow of remittances are not limited to financial support for families back home - they can contribute substantially to general economic growth and, in some cases, even fund major infrastructural projects. There are now several schemes to make remittances much more effective. Aug 1, 2011 1320
A compelling case for investing in Africa: many have predicted that this could well be Africa's century. Economic indicators certainly support this view--Africa's economic performance and its steadily improving governance appear to be laying the foundations for sustained growth into the near future. Jun 1, 2011 1465
Turning the resource curse into a blessing. Apr 1, 2011 1339
Nurturing domestic capital markets: over the past few years, an increasing number of African countries have joined the trend of issuing national bonds which are globally marketable. This is a vital addition to Africa's capital markets, but more needs to be done if the full benefits are to be reaped. Mar 1, 2011 1301
Africa emerges leaner and stronger: the economic report for Africa over 2010 is largely positive. The region appears to have emerged from the global economic downturn more or less unscathed and even stronger. But challenges remain if the continent is to occupy its proper place among the emerging regions of the world. Feb 1, 2011 1355
The Top 100 banks 2010 African Business' annual rankings: a year of consolidation and reforms. Statistical data Oct 1, 2010 5714
Gold glistens as currencies tumble: yet again, gold has retained its appeal as a safe haven in times of financial market volatility. The precious metal has risen 30% since July 2009 and has averaged $1,150/oz so far. But how long can the rally last? Jul 1, 2010 1587
Should South Africa now bid for the Olympics? While the world tunes into the soccer World Cup in South Africa this month, our columnist wonders if the country should now consider bidding to stage the Olympic games. He presents both the pros and cons of the proposal. Jun 1, 2010 1608
The BRICs, not the first world, spearhead global recovery: although the world is well on its way to recovery following the global economic crisis, poorer nations in Africa, and elsewhere, can expect a rough ride as donor commitments reduce. Africa's best strategy in the near future is to look to the emerging markets, rather than their traditional trading partners, for essential growth. Apr 1, 2010 1295
China strengthening Africa's infrastructure base: modern infrastructure is the spine on which economic development depends but the infrastructure base in Africa is woefully inadequate. However, the strategic policies of countries such as China are slowly closing the gap. Mar 1, 2010 1289
Africa's business climate improving despite obstacles: a strong private sector-led development is crucial for integrating Africa into the global economy. Yet the climate for small and medium-sized enterprises--the engines of wealth creation - remains challenging, despite some impressive performances from a small group of African countries. Feb 1, 2010 1370
Africa bruised, not battered: Africa, in one way or the other, has managed to survive the steepest contraction in global economic activity and trade since the 1930s. Although signs of a recovery are visible, some African countries are still vulnerable to the sluggish economic growth of the developed world and the continuing funding shortfalls. Country overview Jan 1, 2010 1415
Global economy--not out of the woods yet: a year ago, the world economy was on the brink of collapse, suffering its most severe downturn since the 1930s. The recovery is painfully slow, despite unprecedented policy actions taken by the world's developed nations. Meanwhile, developing nations in Africa and elsewhere have had little option but to wait patiently for an upturn in international trade. City overview Dec 1, 2009 1435
African economies - bowed but not broken. Oct 1, 2009 1456
How to improve Africa's trade performance. Jul 1, 2009 1513
Aid flows to Africa under threat as world recession bites: since the 2002 Monterey Consensus, global aid to developing countries has been rising, but the severity of Western governments' financial woes could put a brake on future Official Development Assistance (ODA) flows, otherwise known as aid. Jun 1, 2009 1445
African currency slide may not be a bad thing; The fallout from the global economic crisis takes all sorts of forms and shapes. Although Africa has been spared the worst of the financial meltdown trauma, its currencies have been sliding against the dollar. In some ways, this enforced depreciation may benefit Africa by boosting exports and reducing imports. Apr 1, 2009 1369
What can Africa expect from Obama's recession-hit America? Expectations are running high over a new era of closer US-African political and commercial ties under president Barack Obama's tenure, because of his Kenyan roots. However, given the state of the US economy and other urgent priorities, there is unlikely to be much appetite in Washington for increased participation in Africa. Mar 1, 2009 1296
African softs likely to withstand economic downturn; The agricultural sector may escape the worst of the global economic crisis. There is little evidence that consumers in developed and emerging countries are cutting back on coffee, tea, cocoa, sugar, maize, rice and Soya bean consumption, or will do so in the near term. Mar 1, 2009 2990
Surviving the cold winds of a global storm: the current economic crisis is in a league of its own and few markets, emerging and frontier, will escape the consequences unscathed. But there is light at the end of the tunnel and the future may even become sounder. Jan 1, 2009 1520
Looking beyond the storm: the current economic crisis is in a league of its own and few markets, emerging and frontier, will escape the consequences unscathed. But there is light at the end of the tunnel and the future may even become sounder. Dec 1, 2008 1539
Private equity flocking to Africa; The growth of private equity funds in Africa is now on a par with Latin America and Russia and is expected to triple in size over the medium term, making it the fastest-growing asset class. Why has Africa suddenly become a magnet for international funds? Nov 1, 2008 1437
A world class industry in the making. Industry overview Oct 1, 2008 2520
Developing capabilities and capacities in African LDCs: a strategy of accessing international knowledge pools and pursuing deep and rapid trade and investment liberalisation will only suceed if Africa makes technical progress, an important report states. Report Aug 1, 2008 1428
Diversity is the key: diversity is the key to improving Africa's export capability. After six decades of losing market share, Africa actually increased its share of world trade in 2006. This begs the question whether recent trade expansion is sustainable? Jul 1, 2008 1476
Africa can tough out credit crisis: many of the world's developed economies are being dragged down by the turmoil on the US financial markets. Can the African region remain insulated from the spreading crisis? Jun 1, 2008 1589
Tea prices boil in wake of Kenya turmoil: political unrest, among other factors, has sent the price of the commodity sky high. Other African softs are also enjoying buoyant prices as Moin Siddiqi reports. Apr 1, 2008 1156
Does foreign aid work for Africa? Over the past few years, capital inflows to Africa, from a variety of sources, have increased considerably. One of these sources, official aid, has tripled since 2000; but is this sufficient to achieve the millennium Development Goals by 2015? Statistical data Apr 1, 2008 1502
Prices remain firm for softs. Mar 1, 2008 2699
Cheerful gold prospects. Feb 1, 2008 1578
Runaway oil prices--the causes: crude oil prices have more than quadrupled since 2002 and until recently were within a whisper of the magical $100 a barrel mark. What factors are fuelling this remorseless surge and how will African businesses and consumers be affected? Jan 1, 2008 1467
The global remittances boom: billions pour into Africa. Jan 1, 2008 2285
Africa's health 'on the mend': Africa's political and economic landscape is improving steadily according to a number of external reports on the continent's health. However, the same reports often display a reluctance to acknowledge Africa's successes. Dec 1, 2007 1611
An excellent year for African banks. Industry overview Oct 1, 2007 1681
The sub-prime debacle--should we worry? The US sub-prime mortgage debacle has already incurred losses of around $100bn but the fallout is far from over. Has the contagion spread to Africa? Oct 1, 2007 726
Hedging your bets: what do the terms 'hedging', 'put option' and 'call option' actually mean? How do these sophisticated financial instruments work? What are the risks and benefits involved? This month's View from the City explains some of the financial world's more complex instruments. Aug 1, 2007 1618
Industrialisation cannot wait. Jul 1, 2007 1503
Copper is the star as Africa enjoys price boom: the exceptionally high prices of commodities, particularly those of industrial metals, which leapt by over 50% last year, will help Africa nudge past 6% growth this year. The trend is likely to continue for the next couple of years, driven mainly by strong demand from China. Moin Siddiqi reports. Jul 1, 2007 3083
Private capital better than aid: there is little to show for the more than $320bn of aid committed to Africa since the 1970s but the story is very different for private capital. It stimulates local economies, creates knowledge and transfers skills. Africa, urges our columnist, should seek out more private investment capital. May 1, 2007 1598
Global investors betting on a resurgent Nigeria: Africans countries have shown remarkable resilience over the past year, with most achieving positive growth figures. Higher oil and commodity prices, coupled with greater foreign exchange inflows, have sustained growth and are likely to continue doing so over this year. Apr 1, 2007 1561
Cocoa, coffee, sugar prices move up, tea declines: Moin Siddiqi presents his annual review of Africa's soft commodities, focusing on cocoa, coffee, sugar and tea. Prices have generally tended to move upwards, except in the case of tea in which chronic oversupply is driving down earnings. Apr 1, 2007 2620
Commodity windfalls spur African economic growth: Africans countries have shown remarkable resilience over the past year, with most achieving positive growth figures. Higher oil and commodity prices, coupled with greater foreign exchange inflows, have sustained growth and are likely to continue doing so over this year. Mar 1, 2007 1542
African markets pack a punch: African stock markets may be small in global terms, but they make up in performance what they lack in size. African markets, termed 'the last frontier' have plenty to offer investors who have not lost their sense of adventure. Feb 1, 2007 1553
Gold tops glittering pile: when the world is feeling rich, it buys gold and other precious metals--mostly from Africa. The last year has been excellent for African producers, writes Moin Siddiqi in his annual review of Precious Group Metals. Industry overview Feb 1, 2007 2683
African currencies stay steady as dollar plunges: the rapidly-sinking dollar is bad news for Africa's exporters as most commodities, including oil are designated in dollar terms. On the other hand, African currencies are now far more stable than they have been over the past decade. Jan 1, 2007 1539
'Doing business' climate improving--slowly: the only way for African economies to grow is by expanding the business base in each country; yet, some African countries seem to be doing their best to make it as difficult as possible to do business within their borders. However, as the IFC's recent Doing Business 2007 report shows, improvements are taking place in some countries. Dec 1, 2006 1561
Africa's top 100 banks. Company rankings Nov 1, 2006 2171
A world-class financial sector in the making. Nov 1, 2006 3742
Crunch time for world trade deal: once again the developing countries have failed to convince the rich nations to play fair in world trade. The Doha Treaty, which would reduce poverty in the developing world while keeping the rich wealthy, has been shuttling backwards and forwards with no agreement in sight. The implications of a stalemate are serious. Oct 1, 2006 1501
Softs enjoy firm prices: the price of soft commodities such as tea and coffee has also benefited from the general boom in commodity prices brought about by increased demand and fairly static supply. Moin Siddiqi's annual review follows. Jul 1, 2006 2582
How free is your economy? The Index of Economic Freedom (IEF) published annually by the US-based Heritage Foundation and the World Street Journal ranks countries in terms of how free from state interventions their economies are. Africa has been doing better than most over the past five years. Jun 1, 2006 1593
A single African currency in our time? The goal of a single market underpinned by a common African currency remains an ultimate objective of African unity. But wishing for a common African currency and achieving it are two very different things. Moin Siddiqi looks at the benefits and pitfalls of a common currency. May 1, 2006 2694
Prices rise as demand soars: base metals such as copper and steel are fetching some of the highest prices in recent history as demand outstrips supply and inventories run low. The conditions are right for a wave of new mining investments across mineral-rich Africa. Moin Siddiqi reports. Apr 1, 2006 2633
Dawn of a new economic order? The Western dominance of the world's economy is being challenged by a small but powerful collection of emerging markets led by China, Brazil and India. The economic map of the world in 50 years' time, says our columnist, will be very different from what it is today. Apr 1, 2006 1441
Is Africa a poor trader? Just why is Africa's international--and internal--trade at such a dismally low level? Is market access the problem or is it what we take (or don't take) to market that is the real culprit? Mar 1, 2006 1511
South Africa--the post-apartheid economic miracle: the South African economy, which just before the end of the apartheid regime was ailing badly, has astonished the world with its robust growth over the past decade. This has been done against a background of greater challenge than faced by the former regime. Feb 1, 2006 1504
Sell dollars, buy euros and yen! The New Year brings added cheer for the dollar bulls. But will the dollar's renewed strength represents a long-term recovery or a bear market rally? Should you hold on to your dollars or sell them? Jan 1, 2006 1497
Gold hits the heights: there's a distinctly bullish sentiment in the precious metals' markets driven by renewed economic growth and strong buying in the main consuming regions, principally the US, the European Union, Asia and the Middle East. Moin Siddiqi analyses the trends. Jan 1, 2006 2274
Free trade is key to poverty reduction: a decisive WTO ministerial meeting in Hong Kong could help set the medium-term agenda for improving welfare and growth prospects of developing countries, especially low-income ones argues Moin Siddiqi. Dec 1, 2005 1797
G8 pledges: old wine in a new bottle? The Gleneagles G8 Summit in July pledged a major increase in aid to Africa and the removal of trade-distorting tariffs against African exports. Is this a real change in policy or merely yet more rhetoric? Nov 1, 2005 1587
Rising oil prices alarm African importers: the price of oil has rocketed this year due to a number of causes and is believed to be heading towards the $100 a barrel mark. The impact on Africa and other developing regions could be severe. Oct 1, 2005 1609
Hard prices for African softs: there has been an upturn in commodity prices since 2002 reflecting robust demand and supply-side capacity constraints in producing countries. Last year, agricultural commodities registered a 10.5% annual increase, and the outlook for this season, according to Moin Siddiqi, is equally healthy. Aug 1, 2005 2341
Volatility is the enemy: economic, social and political volatility are the enemies of growth as a new report from the IMF sets out to prove. And Africa is the most volatile region of all. Can something be done about this negative trend? Jul 1, 2005 1397
Major African currencies in good shape: African currencies, once known as 'yo-yo money' for their volatility, have by and large now stabilised. This both reflects and supports strong economic growth on a continental base. Jun 1, 2005 1553
Attention turns to debt capital as source of finance: a few African countries (excluding S Africa) have taken the first steps to encourage the creation of debt capital markets though the issuing of bonds. Moin Siddiqi explains what these securities are and how the system works. May 1, 2005 1359
China's economic surge boosts prices: the phenomenal economic boom in China has been sucking in metals from all sources, creating supply deficits and raising prices. The short-term future for Africa's metal producers is brighter than it has been for quite a while. Moin Siddiqi reports. Apr 1, 2005 2148
African bourses: top performances reveal hidden potential; African bourses, shielded from the sort of global turbulence that has affected more mature stock exchanges, have performed exceptionally well. But, Moin Siddiqi says, South Africa apart, there is still plenty of room to improve. Feb 1, 2005 1584
What will four more years of Bush mean for the world? If nothing else, last November's US presidential election proved that a skilful politician, equipped with a sufficiently large campaign budget, can be re-elected despite a dismal economic performance. Jan 1, 2005 1642
A bright future for precious metals: the West's continuing economic growth represents good news for Africa's precious metal miners and gemstone producers who can anticipate buoyant markets for their products. Moin Siddiqi reports. Industry Overview Jan 1, 2005 1772
The private sector holds the key to prosperity: a well-regulated and open market economy is a powerful engine for growth and poverty alleviation in the developing world. But bureaucratic and other hurdles are getting in the way. Is there a way out? Dec 1, 2004 1411
Nigeria banking reforms gain a new impetus: until quite recently, Nigeria, Africa's second biggest banking market after South Africa, was largely an undisciplined, poorly regulated mess. The turnaround began some five years ago when the Central Bank started imposing order. As Moin Siddiqi reports, the weeding and clearing is gathering pace as Basle 2 Accords loom ever closer. Dec 1, 2004 1457
End for S African forex controls in sight: the issue of foreign exchange controls in South Africa is guaranteed to raise voices and tempers on both sides of the equation--with some swearing by the 'big bang' approach and others warning of the dire consequences of such a move. Moin Siddiqi explains what is at stake. Nov 1, 2004 1545
Softs enjoy demand surge: currently, supply and demand fundamentals for agricultural commodities are broadly favourable to farmers in the developing world. Moin Siddiqi forecasts how world markets for Africa's agricultural commodities might move over the coming months. Oct 1, 2004 2209
No real will to attack global poverty: despite all the pious words emanating from Western leaders, there is little or no real commitment to help solve the problems of the developing world. The gap between the rich and poor is growing wider--leading to a more unstable world. Aug 1, 2004 1558
African currencies show resilience: one of the most surprising aspects of international finance has been the resilience of African currencies despite global foreign exchange volatility. Jul 1, 2004 1636
Booming Asian growth lifts prices: Africa's metal producers can expect another good year, with stronger global demand leading to high prices. This analysis is by Moin Siddiqi. May 1, 2004 2095
Oil jitters shake industry: sharp fluctuations in the price of petroleum--the world's most actively traded commodity--have a significant impact upon global trade and importing-countries' trade balances. Is the price of oil about to go through the roof again? May 1, 2004 1688
New Year blues for the US dollar: the dollars' decline against major international currencies has so far been orderly and has caused few worries in the US. Others however, worry that a cheaper dollar could hit the world's economic growth. Feb 1, 2004 1765
Robust outlook for African crops. Feb 1, 2004 2309
South Africa shines bright. Jan 1, 2004 1648
Investors drool over platinum: platinum, one of Africa's most precious metals, is the star of the year as far as investors are concerned. But can Ordinary Joe get his hands on any of the windfall profits expected? Dec 1, 2003 1374
Banking on Africa. Oct 1, 2003 1087
Hypocrisy over aid: despite high-flown phrases about the need to help Africa escape from the poverty trap, Western government policies are ensuring that Africa remains underdeveloped. Aug 1, 2003 1595
Agricultural prices stabilise: this year, thanks to a strengthening global economy, demand for non-fuel commodities has strenthened--but higher production has left prices reasonably stable. Aug 1, 2003 1608
Is a common currency for West Africa feasible? (View from the City). Jul 1, 2003 1538
What does the future hold for global investors? Doubts still remain over the economic fallout from the US led invasion of Iraq. While oil prices have fallen, the prospect for global growth is uncertain. (View From the City). Jun 1, 2003 1511
The outlook for base metals: the price of industrial metals will depend on the pace of global economic growth, particularly in the OECD and Asia-Pacific regions. (Commodities). Jun 1, 2003 1522
African currencies gain over the dollar. (View from the City). May 1, 2003 1690
Pressure mounts on dollar. (View From the City). Apr 1, 2003 1639
A brighter outlook for 2003. (Commodities). Apr 1, 2003 2262
Africa untainted by weak global recovery. (View from the City). Jan 1, 2003 1588
A little kindness goes a long way. (View from the City). Nov 1, 2002 1145
SA economy now solid gold. (View from the City). Oct 1, 2002 1718
End of the dollar's mighty reign? (View from the City). Statistical Data Included Sep 1, 2002 1478
White-knuckle investment. (View from the City). Jul 1, 2002 1368
Poverty is the root of terror. (View from the City). Jun 1, 2002 1439
The riddle of the rand. (View from the City). Column May 1, 2002 1595

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