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SICK NAIRN SHOW; Blood makes chef throw up.

Telly chef Nick Nairn THREW UP as an island crofter showed him how to make black pudding.

The Ready Steady Cook star had to make a dash for it when Ena MacNeill pushed a bucket of blood in front of him.

The cameras were rolling - but queasy Nick made it outside just in time.

He admitted: "Let's just say it was a very close call before everyone in Scotland saw my breakfast!"

His stomach-churning ordeal happened when Nick sailed to North Uist to meet Ena, who's been making black puddings since she was a child.

The couple were filmed washing out a sheep's intestines in the sea before going back to Ena's croft.

At that point, Nick was feeling fine - but the bucket of blood did for him.

He stared at it, then hurriedly sat down and clasped a hand over his mouth.

Moments later, poor Nick admitted defeat and did a runner - while Ena's face broke into a broad grin.

Nick said: "It was probably the worst moment in my life.

"Never before have I had to hotfoot it from the kitchen while someone was cooking."

But he added: "In my defence, I'd been out trying to catch flounders the day before in a force eight gale.

"That night, I'd had more than a few hot toddies before going to Ena's croft the following day.

"I didn't mind the cleaning of the intestines - it was when the blood appeared that things went decidedly downhill.

"It had been lying out overnight in the bucket and had congealed.

"And when Ena started putting it all together, it just slopped out."

Nick joked: "That's when I knew I was going to lose my breakfast."

The trip to North Uist, which was filmed for Nick's series, Island Harvest, can be seen on BBC1 at 7pm a week tomorrow.
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Author:Caven, Bill
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Mar 14, 1998
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