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SICK IN THE HEAD; Amputee blasts thieves who took his wheelchair.


AN AUTHOR who lost his legs after he was beaten and set on fire has slammed thugs who stole his wheelchair as "sickos".

Ian Colquhoun, 31, was wearing his prosthetic legs while auditioning for a TV role when the thieves struck.

The culprits were later caught on CCTV larking about in the pounds 300 chair.

Ian said: "The scumbags who took it are sickos for stealing a wheelchair. They are pretty sick in the head."

Ian, from Edinburgh, can only walk a short distance with his prosthetic legs. He was left disabled when his home was ransacked in Ireland. He was hit over the head with a pick axe handle then his house was set on fire.

He spent seven weeks in a coma and had 65 per cent burns to his body. He later wrote a book about his ordeal.

Ian is now an actor and stuntman and was at the BBC TV centre in London trying to land the part of a cancer patient's relative in BBC soap Doctors when three men, in their late teens or early 20s, took his chair.

He said: "I was having a chat with the producer. I had left my wheelchair on the grass 15 yards behind where I was sitting. It happened in a blink of an eye. We clocked it had vanished and the producer chased them."

He added: "I was able to laugh a wee bit, just at how unbelievable it was and the audacity of it."

NHS Lothian replaced Ian's chair when he returned to Scotland.


CASTING Ian Colquhoun
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:May 21, 2009
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