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SI takes a look at World Archery Enterprises, Inc.

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Back in the '50s and early '60s the Wing Archery Company was a leader amid the bowyer's world. But through attrition, mergers with various large retailing combines and other related business ventures, the legendary bows created by Wing Archery Company of yesteryear faded into oblivion.

But it is another story today thanks to the efforts of two youthful and most enterprising businessmen/bowhunters-- Len Cardinale of Belleville, New Jersey and Jim Craig of Dover, New Jersey-- since they have resurrected Wing Archery, redesigned its line of compound and recurve bows and began marketing them early last year under the name of World Archery Enterprises, Inc.--and we guarantee you'll be hearing a lot more about World Archery Enterprises and the Cardinale/Craig combine in the future.

Len Cardinale is a noted bowhunter who owns/operates his own archery pro shop and archery lanes in Belleville, New Jersey and has been in operation there for more than 20 years. An avid bowhunter, Cardinale has bagged more than a dozen Pope and Young Club record-class big-game animals and is a senior member of the elite Pope and Young Club. He currently serves as a board member of the International Bowhunting Education Foundation and is a member of the National Rifle Association's Bowhunting Advisory staff as well as a staff member of Bowhunters Who Care.

Craig, on the other hand, also owns/ operates his own archery pro shop and lanes in Dover, New Jersey and is a most proficient and knowledgeable bowman in his own right. In addition, he is a bowyer of no small repute and as a consequence the pair have teamed up to manufacture, among other things, all new and wholly redesigned bows from the original Wing designs under the trade name of World Archery Enterprises, Inc.

The manufacturing facility for World Archery Enterprises is located in Belleville. New Jersey and the all-new and redesigned Wing bows--both compound and recurve in both target and hunter versions--are now rolling off the assembly line at the new facility.

In addition, World Archery Enterprises is also the sole North American distributor of the high-tech Yamaha Bows, thus offering a combination of archery tackle that is destined to set the pace in the archery world for many generations.

World Archery Enterprises is also the sole distributor of Shibuya Archery products too--a top quality line of accessories including tournament sights, torque stabilizers, etcetera, and is further a distributor for other such lines as Anderson Broadheads, Cavalier Shooting Gear, Cobra Products, Loc-On Tree Stands, Protecto Cases and Saunders accessories.

World Archery Enterprises has in its stable two world-class or Olympic-class tournament archers--Darrell Pace of Hamilton, Ohio and Denise Parker of Salt Lake City, Utah, who use Yamaha bows exclusively in their tournament endeavors. Both of these top-ranking archers, by the way, will continue to remain as consultants on the World Archery Staff.

Both Cardinale and Craig tell us that the newly designed Wing Bows now being manufactured under the World Archery label have been developed in accord to all modern technology and from every indication should gain recognition equal to or surpass the historic fame created by the original Wing products of yesteryear.

Today, World Archery Enterprises manufactures a number of bows designed for the tournament archer as well as for the bowhunter. Foremost is the Wing line of recurve bows--the Presentation II, Red Wing Takedown Hunter and the Red Wing Hunter. Its Presentation II is judged the ultimate in recurve hunting bows and features many of the original concepts of the old Wing bow. The Red Wing Hunter is also designed around the original Wing recurve, while the Red Wing Takedown Hunter is new to the line. It is a three-piece takedown recurve with an exotic rosewood laminated handle and, again, is constructed in the same legendary fashion as the former Wing Hunter.

Also, under the World Archery Enterprise label is the Len Cardinale Signature bow--a hand-crafted takedown hunting recurve featuring optimum stability and performance. Unfortunately, it is only made for right-hand bowhunters at the present time. For the bowhunters there is also the all-new Wing Pennsylvania Hunter--a hunting compound which is purported to actually handle in the field like a recurve. Its limbs are matte finish glass and its length (40 inches from axle to axle) makes it ideal for the bowhunter, hunting from an elevated tree platform.

And the Wing legend lives on -- equally new under the World Archery Enterprise tag is four new compound bows--the Michigan Hunter, the Presentation Hunter, the Western Hunter and the World Hunter. Both the Michigan Hunter and the Presentation Hunter feature the combine's new "Wing-Slim Line" handles with hand-molded grips which are designed to comfortably fit all shooters regardless of stature.

On the other hand, the Western Hunter compound is designed for optimum shooting at the longer yardages as required in the West. It is a high performance compound and boasts short-working recurve laminated limbs plus a one-piece speed cam which is capable of delivering a broadheaded hunting arrow at maximum velocities.

Then there is the World Hunter--considered the ultimate, according to World Archery Enterprises, in compound bows. It boasts a uniquely balanced yoke system, a new Wing Long Riser and graphite laminated limbs. "It is the most stable, best balanced and highest performance bow in its class," said Cardinale. "It also features 65 percent let-off as a result of our new Swift Wing Energy Wheels."

As far as tournament bows are concerned, World Archery Enterprises is producing three tourney compounds and four recurve models. Its Presentation target compound offers the same features as its Presentation Hunting compound and is indeed a true masterpiece as is its World Target model. "We consider our World Target compound the ultimate target as well as hunting bow," added Cardinale. "It offers similar features as our World Hunter Model."

World Archery Enterprises also features its Presentation III tourney bow which was developed primarily for the finger shooter and it is a compound featuring all the latest high-tech innovations.

World Archery Enterprises further manufactures target recurve bows as well including the Wing Little Wing, the Wing Challenger and the Wing International plus its Presentation II takedown target recurve. "We offer world-class performance in our Presentation II recurve at an affordable price," explained Cardinale. "A world-class target bow designed for the performance-minded, price-conscious archer. A three-piece takedown recurve, the Presentation II features a metal handle with laminated limbs and offers performance which might cost twice as much in other bows."

So we do guarantee you'll be hearing a lot more about the all-new Wing bows as currently manufactured by the youthful pair of enthusiastic bowhunters under the name of World Archery Enterprises--all are meticulously designed, well-constructed with quality materials and truly noteworthy for the sporting goods retailer to take a hard look at.

The Craig/Cardinale team, as sole North American distributors of the Yamaha bows and manufacturers of the World Archery Enterprises Wing bows, had the following to say about their company: "...In the history of the production of modern archery equipment few names have shaken the archery world as to be considered legends in the industry. However, the two names that have reached this status are Wing Archery and Yamaha Archery. Now, under the distribution of World Archery Enterprises, Wing Archery Company is back and Yamaha Archery is back in the U.S.A.

"The legendary Wing bows that have gained the respect of all archers in the '50s and '60s are now a major part of the '80s. The legendary Presentation II takedown will now be available with new risers and limbs that are interchangeable with the original bow. All of the worldclass performance and quality that was built into every original Wing bow will be built into all of our new equipment. From our school and camp equipment, extensive line of accessories, hunting recurves and compounds, and our world-class tournament compounds, you will experience the feel of tradition and the pride of quality.

"For years the world-class tournament bows built by Yamaha Archery have been gaining respect on tournament lines around the world as the finest quality and best performance world-class tournament equipment that money can buy. Now this tradition continues with the all-new series of tournament bows and Yamaha's return to the U.S.A. And soon, very soon, this world-class reputation will be available to the serious compound shooter as well-- for both hunters and tournament archers.

"Under the direction of World Archery, Wing and Yamaha have made a commitment to bring to the archery communities around the world the highest quality equipment that can possibly be manufactured. This is and will continue to be done by searching the world for the finest materials known to man and applying them to our sport with the highest degree of technology. In a short time, we will be introducing equipment that will utilize materials that other manufacturers have yet to dream of. We have dared to dream and our dreams will revolutionize the sport of archery with space-age materials and technology," the enthusiastic pair concluded.

One enticing point that Craig commented on was that the compound bows of the future may not be the ugly contrivances as produced by many manufacturers today. "We already have the technology to create a compound bow with its eccentric wheels, etcetera centered in its handle--a bow which will look exactly like the sleek recurves of yesteryear, yet with the capabilities of a compound bow. Such bows will be expensive, nevertheless are not beyond the realm of possibility," he concluded.
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