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GOD save us from the Ken Livingstones of this world - those gobby, second-rate rebels who were only too happy to give up the cause for a cushy job and big fat pension.

This week the man who is to good sense and sensitivity what Hitler was to human rights has been ranting again - this time at Trevor Phillips, chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality, for saying that the Notting Hill carnival was NOT a triumph of multiculturalism.

This perfectly reasonable statement -which Phillips expanded upon by saying that mass immigration was changing the face of Britain and could no longer be ignored (he also said that Muslims who want to live under Sharia Law should shove off out of Britain) - was met with derision from the man who sees nothing wrong in parading around London a Muslim fanatic who supports suicide bombers - against the taxpayers' wishes but nevertheless at their expense - and who refused to apologise to a Jewish reporter for comparing him to a Nazi guard.

Yet still he publicly lambasts Mr Phillips as a blatant self-publicist (this from the man who is the personification of a self-publicist) who is pandering to the Right and should be joining the BNP.

Had this loud-mouthed buffoon had too many sherbets when he made this ridiculous statement or is he just stupid?

Trevor Phillips' job and the fact he is a black man living in Britain endow him with the credentials to talk freely about what he sees on the streets of this country in relation to race. White Ken, on the other hand, living in his ivory tower at the GLA, knows bugger all about how black or Asian people in Britain live or feel yet professes to do so because (he thinks) it makes him liberal, hip and oh so terribly trendy and tolerant.

However it's people like Livingstone -people who deny or refuse to see what so-called multiculturalism is doing to this country - that are the real danger, people who hold the liberal views they do for reasons of opportunism, political correctness and because they believe it to be the consensus which is what cowards do to engender popularity.

There's a basic difference between Trevor Phillips and Ken Livingstone - the former is a decent, intelligent man with valid opinions who thinks before he speaks, the latter is a cheapskate, loud-mouthed opportunist who never does. Which makes him dangerous. Very dangerous!
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 3, 2006
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