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SHOT Show 90: What's new in the shooting industry from Las Vegas.

The 12th annual Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show & Conference went off with the precision of a custom gunmaker's finest creation. The Las Vegas Convention Center was the host for this year's massive four day display drawing buyers, dealers, manufacturers, wholesalers and exhibitors from all over the world.

One of the busiest places at the SHOT Show could have been the booth with the foot massagers, but alas, not a masseur or masseuse in the bunch. With close to 1,200 booths spread over the equivalent of seven football fields, walking was a skill many were reacquainted with. It's not unusual to see a person in a three-piece suit with a pair of black Nikes or Reeboks by day two or three.

With the SHOT Show being the Mecca of new product introductions for the new year, Cahners Exposition Group and the NSSF made an area available for new product display. With placement near the entrance to the Show, the New Product Showcase traffic was heavy and turned out to be an appropriate venue for their products. A handy guide to the Showcase was provided and gave descriptions of the products but many chose to just wander and take in all the new products. You can bet that next year, little "minibooths" will adorn these display areas to give better information on the product being introduced and where to find it in the main hall.

With a show this large, it can be hard to find clear winners in the category of show stoppers, but several at Las Vegas come to mind. The Polymer Role Expands

When Gaston Glock paved the way with polymer frame materials in his popular 9mm semi-auto pistol line, he opened up the eyes of a lot of people. Some felt the future was here, others weren't so convinced.

Jim Chesnut of Ram-Line[CR] was convinced and used his experience making polymer firearms accessories to develop the Syn-Tech .22 LR pistol, Ram-Line's first full-scale entry into firearms manufacturing. This 21-ounce, innovative pistol will sell like hotcakes, considering the retail price will hover in the $200 range. It is designed with the accessory-oriented shooter in mind. Look for different shaped frames, interchangeable barrels and magazine options in the future.

While on the subject of polymer developments, the Glock[CR] 20 and 21 made their debut at the SHOT Show. With an all new frame and slide for the larger, more powerful 10mm cartridge now thoroughly field tested, deliveries should begin soon. The .45 ACP Model 21 will become available later in the year. Glock's reputation of producing extremely reliable out-of-the-box shooters certainly continues with these new pistols.

A Now Cartridge

For The 90s.

Smith & Wesson teamed up with Olin-Winchester to do something that no one else has done this year. They've introduced a new handgun cartridge, the 40 Smith & Wesson. Slightly shorter than the standard 10mm, the 180-gr. load will travel at about 950 fps and the 155-gr. load at 1150 fps. The S&W 4006 will be the vehicle for the cartridge. With a magazine capacity larger than the 1006, this one should be a popular gun with all categories of shooters from law enforcement to competition types.

Colt's Sale Still Pending

Even after the press releases referring to the pending sale and change in management at Colt, things are still moving slowly. Many people checked out the large Colt booth and found the commitment for service and products is still there and hopefully that commitment will continue with the new management when the final deal is hammered out. The really good news from Colt is the introduction of the Anaconda, Colt's first entry into the .44 Magnum market. Based on what looks like a larger King Cobra, the Anaconda debut was definitely a success. Look for it later in the year and stay tuned for more information on the Colt transition.

The Return Of A Legend

Last but not least in the new development category we saw the return of the "Rifleman's Rifle." The pre-64 Model 70 Winchester has been resurrected by U.S. Repeating Arms as the new Model 70 Super Grade Rifle. Available only in magnum chamberings at this time, the controlled feed Super Grade is a refinement of the old M-70 and will be offered in three grades. The standard Super Grade and two models from the Custom Shop, the Custom Super Grade and the Custom Super Grade Express will be the initial offerings. Retail pricing should be from about $1,000 for the Super Grade to $2,000 and up for the Express models in the African calibers.

What's New in


Accu-Tek of Chino, California has a new, small 5-round .380, the AT-380. Chrome or black are the finishes available. Action Arms' new AT-88s in 9mm/.41AE have arrived. They are supplied with barrels in both calibers and 2 magazines that work with either round. All models are supplied with ambidextrous thumb safeties.

American Arms introduced their new Model Pan 98, eight-shot double action .22 LR semi-auto pistol resembling Walther's P-38. In addition they introduced the PX-22 and CX-22, small Walther look-alikes.

American Derringer is now producing High Standard's fine old double action derringer in .38 Special and 9mm Luger. It's now known as the DA 38.

Amprospec Inc. finally has the Piranha, a multi-caliber, interchangeable barrel, recoilless pistol in stock. We've seen this one in prototype form and now appears to finally be in production. Calibers available are from .380 on up through at least .41AE.

Armscorp featured the Renato Gamba line of G90 and G91 9mm pistols in both service and competition models. They've also brought back the old Woodsman design in their P22 10-shot semi-auto pistol.

Beretta's revised 84 and 85 series .380s (the F series) now feature a new matte finish and finger-grip trigger guard (combat frame). A hammer-drop (to half-cock) safety has been engineered for the frame mounted safety on the 84F & 85F.

Browning has a new Buckmark, the Buckmark 5.5. Now Browning's Buckmark line is rounded out with a shorter target version of their successful Silhouette and Varmint line. An ambidextrous safety, target-sighted High Power has also been added.

Colt, in addition to the Anaconda, brought out new stainless steel models in the .380 Mustang and married the top end of the Mustang with the frame of the Government .380 to make the Colt .380 Mustang Plus 11. The King Cobra also appeared in 2-1/2 and 8-inch versions.

Detonics is back! The New Detonics Manufacturing Corporation is now operating out of Phoenix and has concentrated on providing 5 ready-to-go semi-autos for the .45 buff. From the Combatmaster "compact" model to the Compmaster compensated 45, Detonics definitely seems ready to go again. Their 5th model, the Ladies Escort is a large-caliber entry into the ladies market and should be a pleaser.

Federal Ordnance introduced their new PSP-07 Combat Compensator and Ranger Alpha pistols featuring the Peter Stahl system. They've also chambered the Ranger series autos for the 10mm round.

FIE brought their new Silhouette Pistol along with their TZ-75 series autos in .41AE/9mm.

Freedom Arms had their U.S. Deputy Marshal Model Premier Grade .454 Casull with a 3" barrel and the 10" barreled Silhouette Pak. They also displayed their Hunter Pak, a 7-1/2" barreled Casull with sling studs, scope and carrying case.

Heckler & Koch's SP-89, a 15-shot 9mm semi-auto marketed as the pistol version of the HK-94, was unveiled.

IAI has chambered the Automag III for the 9mm Winchester Magnum and built the new Automag IV in .45 Win. Mag.

Interarms' compact Star Firestar is a steel frame 9mm single-stack magazine semi-auto available in either blue or Starvel finish. This is a single action pistol that can be placed in the cocked & locked position.

Grendel was at the Show with their P-30, a 30-round .22 WMR semi-auto with a five inch barrel.

Jennings' Bryco 48" in.22 LR, .32 & .380 are new and larger than the "J" & " 38" series.

Kassnar is back in business with their version of the .41AE. The Jerico 941 comes with both 9mm & .41AE systems including 2 magazines for each, a case, Rig cleaning rods and a box of ammo for each.

Para-Ordnance brought their new "P" series of 1911 pattern, double-stack magazine autos, with the P16-10 leading the way, a 16-shot (15+1) 10mm with features such as a ramped barrel, solid bushing and three-dot sights. They also have P15 & P14 series models, smaller & more compact, all available in different receiver materials and finishes. The P Series .45s also debuted.

Remington's new XP-100R and other new products are covered in Charles Petty's Remington Seminar report in this issue.

Ruger presented their stainless version of the P85, the KP85. A lockable molded case is available as an accessory.

Sundance Industries had their Model A-25 .25 caliber, semi-auto pistol with a 7-round magazine. Three finishes are available.

Springfield Armory fine tuned their pistol lines and added refinements such as fixed low-profile sights, higher capacity magazines, beveled magazine wells and walnut grips. The .38 Super is now available in the 1911-A1 series. The P9 models has had a long slide version added, the P9 LSP (Long slide ported), their new variation of the CZ-75.

Taurus International and Emerging Technologies have merged to produce the Taurus/Laser Aim .357 revolver and 9mm pistol packages. Now a manufacturer is supplying lasers, already mounted to your favorite Taurus 9mm &.357.


The rifle category was relatively quiet this year. Many of the new products were variations on a theme. One of the most interesting developments came in the area of acceptance for "ugly" rifles. There were several models that clearly showed that as a "good looking" rifle, the public acceptance factor would probably be higher. Remington's new products are covered in Charles Petty's Remington Seminar review in this issue.

Action Arms introduced a new chambering in the Timber Wolf line. It will now be offered in .44 Remington magnum and .357 magnum.

Anschutz's new 1700 FWT Featherweight Deluxe in .22 LR is now offered with a Fibergrain synthetic stock.

Armscorp is now manufacturing a FAL lower receiver for their T48 line of Belgian-style rifles. They will be offered in standard and bush models.

Browning Arms has done it again with the latest in their series of reproductions. This time it is the Model 53, a faithful repro of the Model 53 Winchester lever action in .32-20. Their left-handed Stainless Stalker A-Bolt is also a new addition.

Crossfire - The model 88P appears to be more viable now and the booth activity was hectic. This is the pump-action combo .308/12 ga. with side-byside magazines (20 rounds rifle, seven rounds 12 ga.). It is now offered in .243/12 ga. and should become very popular.

Dakota has established themselves as bolt-action makers ... until now. The Dakota Single Shot is out, billed as a "gentleman's rifle" and chambered in most rimmed and rimless commercially loaded cartridges. This six-pounder should prove interesting.

Feather Industries introduced their Saturn '30' in 7.62x39mm. The composite thumbhole stock gives the AK-type action a smooth appearance and should become available in mid-summer.

Heckler & Koch's new Orion SR9 (HK-91 variation) hunting rifle also sports a smooth-looking stock, this one being made of Kevlar[CR]-reinforced fiberglass. From the PSG-1 trigger group to the thumbhole stock in a wood grain, this five-shot rifle will impress the hunter who wants a semi-auto field rifle.

Kimber brought their new Model 89 Big Game Rifles in Deluxe and Super America grades and introduced restructured dealer programs for 1990.

Navy Arms Company has the "Farmer's Friend," an SKS in 7.62x39 with scope and bipod for the pests on the back 40.

New England Firearms' new Handi-Rifle is now chambered in .30-06 and .243. This is one of the few inexpensive single-shot rifles available in today's market. Scope mounts are provided.

G. McMillan & Company had the new Signature Titanium Mountain Rifle on display. It weighed in at less than 6 pounds ! Sako brought the Tikka "New Generation" series of new centerfire rifles. The super-smooth bolt is due to the reinforced polymer bolt sleeve and guide.

Springfield added new stocks to their SAR series with both the SAR 48 being upgraded to the SAR 4800 and the SAR 3 changed to the SAR 8 Sporting Rifle. The thumb hole stocks give both the smooth lines of advanced hunting rifles.

Antonio Zoli U.S.A. brought along their 1900 C Classic bolt action rifles, available in both standard and magnum calibers.


The shotguns displayed at the SHOT Show were priced from about $ 100 to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Beretta Set of Five captivated the viewers with 5 shotguns commemorating the five phases of the hunt. They took over three years to craft and were very popular at the Show. It's fascinating to be able to handle a $46,000 Perazzi and a $100 Snake Charmer 11 at the same show.

American Arms' new Silver Lite and Silver Sporting 12 and 20 ga. over & unders will give the field hunter or sporting clays shooter a light weight field shotgun or a versatile competition shotgun.

The Beretta people were busy in preparation for the SHOT Show. The Onyx line was expanded by 12 models: 3-1/2" chambers on the 626 Onyx SxS and 686 Onyx O/U; the 626 Onyx 12 & 20 ga. 28" barrels; 4 687 Onyx models with new barrel combinations; different colored receivers on the 687L; side-plates on the 687EL. The 687EL also is available in scaled-down versions in 28 ga. and .410 bore.

Bernardelli of Italy, now imported by Magnum Research, brought their complete line. Magnum Research imports rifles, pistols and shotguns.

Browning strengthened the Citori line with the Gran Lightning model, a standard Grade 1 Citori with a high-grade stock. The GTI, Special Sporting and Lightning Sporting are designed for the new sporting clays games that are growing rapidly at clubs across the country. The Citori Plus and the BT-99 Plus trap guns are finally available as are the A-500G and the A-500R, gas and recoil operated semi-autos. The Model 12 in 28 ga. is here as a companion for the 20 ga. Model 12 Winchester reproduction released earlier.

The Churchill line, now from Ellett Brothers, had 2 new additions: the Churchill Automatic, a gas operated field or turkey model with interchangeable choke tubes; and the Monarch Over/Under, a single selective trigger European walnut stocked shotgun.

Heckler & Koch's Benelli line has been expanded with the addition of new Montefeltro models and a new Black Eagle Slug gun.

New England Firearms Pardner Youth Model in 20 ga. and .410 bore was introduced. With a 22" barrel and a shortened stock, the Pardner Youth is targeted for the smaller size individual.

Mossberg has added a 28" MKII Camo model to its 5500 line. The Model 835 Ulti-Mag has 3-1/2" Waterfowl and Camo versions. the Model 500 Pump now has a 24" rifled barrel along with the 28" Vent Rib ACCU-II barrel. In the security area, Laser Sight Models 500 and 590 have a built-in laser in the shotgun's forend.

Savage Arms has introduced the Model 312 Over/Under for competition in the field. This sporting clays-trap-field shotgun is Savage's newest entry on the way back up from reorganization.

The Snake Charmer II is back and available in .410 bore. Sporting Arms Mfg. from Litlefield, Texas carries it.

Muzzleloading Firearms

Lyman has a new self-stuffer, the Deerstalker. The rifle is in .50 and .54 caliber, flint or percussion and comes with the Lyman 37MA beaded front sight and 16A rear sight.

Modern Muzzle Loading lives up to their name with the Knight MK-85 Rifle. The walnut, laminated or composite stock follows modern designs. The rifle is drilled and tapped for mounts and sports open sights. A bolt-like (in appearance only) ignition system is combined with a double safety and modern trigger.

Thompson/Center Arms has released two new designs, the T/C SCOUT[TM] Carbine and the T/C SCOUT[TM] Pistol. Both are available in .50 or .54 caliber and the carbine barrels are interchangeable. T/C also has their New Englander [TM] equipped with a Rynite stock for all-weather convenience.

Traditions Inc.'s new release is the William Parker Pistol, a .45 caliber percussion replica of the early 19th century Parker pistol.


AirPower Sabot Cannons brought the most unusual air-operated device in the industry. The AirPower Sabot Cannon will fire just about anything from animal capture nets to fin stabilized steel projectiles to paint balls (up to 100 at a time!). It is charged with air or CO[.sub.2].

Beeman's FWP C5 is unusual for airguns too. A repeating match-grade air pistol, you can fire five rounds rapid fire for practice, you can dry-fire five times without ammo, or you can fire it as a single shot. A spring debut is expected. Beeman's handy sporter target rifle, the R7 is new and available in .20 or .177 caliber. Affordability is the key with the new HW30 & HW50 Light Sporter/Target air rifles retailing at less than $190.

Benjamin Air Rifle Company has revamped the Model E and provided a polished nickel finish, walnut grips and a smoother action.

Crosman Airguns released three new airguns: the Outbacker[TM] is a single pump BB/.177 cal. pellet airgun with velocities up to 450 fps and presents a futuristic look; the Black Diamond is a C02 powered air rifle that fires from a five pellet clip or a 21 BB magazine, velocities run about 550-600 fps; finally, the 262 Sporter, a CO, Powerlet[CR] air rifle that pushes .177 caliber pellets at 550 fps. The 262 Sporter is a 'high-end' plinker that uses include pests and even silhouette shooting.

Daisy featured their Model 45, a 1911 pattern .177 cal. pellet repeater that fires as fast as you can pull the trigger (13 round). Their second new model is the Powerline Model 130, an 800 fps break-barrel with European styling.

Dynamit Nobel's RWS Diana models saw two new air rifles, the Model 70 & 72 Junior Match Models. The Model 70 is the standard spring piston model and the 72 is a recoilless version of the same rifle.

Marksman introduced a BB version of their popular Biathlon Trainer, the #1750. They also have brought out a new 60 Series with both rifle (Model 60) and carbine (Model 61) versions of an underlever cocking, fixed barrel air rifle. These .177 cal. rifles have checkered, walnut finished stocks and adjustable sights. The receivers are dovetailed for scope mounting.

Walther has also developed a five-shot CO[.sub.2], powered repeating air pistol The match-grade pistol uses an electronic device for firing control and can be used as a single-shot or as a repeater.

With the industry moving into the 90s, the 12th annual SHOT Show was indicative of the direction we are heading. Technology appears to be advancing at a rate manageable by the industry. The move to polymers, fiberglass, kevlar and other synthetic materials is still progressing with no end in sight for the uses that these materials can provide. Innovation is not waning ! Was this year's SHOT Show a success? From the display of industry health shown and the progress in development of new and better products, by all means yes ! If you have never been to this giant of a trade show, take a short trip to Dallas next year, bring your comfortable shoes and prepare for the time of your life. For a Product Guide, see page 63.
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