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Byline: joanne watkinson

JUST before Black Friday and the seemingly never-ending weekend of discounts, deals and reductions, I read a very insightful article about Generation Z. Successors to the trail-blazing Millennials, Gen-Z are born in or after 1996 (keep up peeps!).

Born into a world where the internet has always existed and never knowing a time before social media, they are a savvy new breed who aren't impressed by brands, marketing or technology, making them tricky customers.

Lover print from Stereo stereoblondes.

While Gen-Z may not yet hold the same spending power of their predecessors, they hold the future of retail in their smart phoneclutching palms. So what does this discerning generation spend its money on? Researchers claim they are cautious spenders so surely Black Friday and its plethora of deals is the ultimate sport? Perhaps not. These pragmatic thinkers are not swept away by the commercial tide, like the rest of us. Hard to believe considering this age group has grown up being able to buy online with just a couple of taps.

This isn't to say they don't spend, but they are a lot more considered about what they spend their money on, preferring small independent brands.

Where Millennials lapped up American Apparel with its kooky marketing, Generation Z uses its proficiency in social media to seek out brands that have a genuine story, often small Instagram businesses fuelled only by their ability to network - no massive ad campaigns or magazine content - people like Stereo Blondes on Instagram T-shirt PS20, Blondes, com (@StereoBlondes).

Could it be that Gen-Z has brought back that long forgotten quality, integrity? It spells good news for the raft of online entrepreneurs selling their wares via social platforms. But can the super-brands win these strong minded youths back? It's going to be interesting watching them try.

Viva la revolution!

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PS105, AI LOVE a Stan Smith but a change is always good. Arigato and | JOANNE is a stylist and personal shopper with more than 12 years experience in the fashion industry. Email:

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Date:Nov 28, 2017
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