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SHOP TILL ROO DROP; EXCLUSIVE So that's why Coleen got her mum to push that heavy shopping trolley.

Byline: By TOM McTAGUE

SOCCER queen Coleen Rooney looks as if she's too posh to push while saving the pennies.

But there's a good reason why the wife of Manchester United's Wayne, 23 - joint wealth pounds 35million - got her mum and brother to steer the trolley at a Costco discount warehouse.

Coleen, 23, is PREGNANT - and it explains why she let mum Colette, 44, and brother Anthony, 19, struggle with a massive haul at the budget supermarket in Liverpool while she carried a couple of Cokes.

Bargains snapped up by Mrs Rooney included 640 sticks of chewing gum, 36 pitta breads, 150 Chuppa Chups lollies, one Minky ironing board and 640 baby wipes - handy for the new arrival.

The thrifty Scouser even used a discount coupon.

And she swerved through the aisles with the same skill that the other half shows terrorising defences on a Saturday afternoon at Old Trafford.

Another shopper said: "Coleen was up and down every aisle pointing out stuff for her brother to put in the trolley.

"I was shocked to see her in a cash-and-carry but it's nice to see that the credit crunch is affecting the super-rich."


Here's what she bought.. TOOTHPASTE: No wonder her gnashers look so white; LUCOZADE: Energy drink when Wayne gets home; PITTA BREAD: Delicious with tomato sauce on them; CHEW GUM: Vital for those nail-biting soccer clashes; WHITE WINE: Must cut down on this now baby's on way; KETCHUP: Just right for squirting on those pittas; CHUPPA CHUPS: Perfect end to any meal; IRON BOARD: Keeps Wayne on straight and narrow; TUNA: It's so healthy when fresh from the tin; AIR FAN: Helps Coleen cool off after shopping trip; VODKA: Handy if the Russians buy Man United; SHOWER GEL: Helps Wayne show clean pair of heels; IRONING BOARD: No wonder Wayne's kit looks crisp; BABY WIPES: Best to stock up before the baby comes PS. Now we know what these were for, Coleen! Picture: MERCURY PRESS
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Mar 29, 2009
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