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MASTER-AT-ARMS 1ST CLASS (SW/AW) RICHARD L. WHIPPLE was selected as the 2000 Senior Sailor of the Year for Naval Station, Rota, Spain. Whipple, a native of Augusta, Mich., is the Patrol Commander in the Security Department and supervises the department's four patrol sections. Whipple is also an avid bodybuilder and recently won first place in his weight class in the 2000 Andalusian (southern Spain) Regional Bodybuilding competition.

AVIATION SUPPORT EQUIPMENT TECHNICIAN (AW) 1st CLASS BRADLY W. SLAUGHTER JR was cited for his performance as Support Equipment Curriculum and Instructional Standards Course Developer for the Training Continuum Department at NAMTRAGRU Headquarters. Slaughter also directed the capture, modification and implementation of more than 200 computer-generated graphics for a new, web-deliverable Support Equipment Operator's Course. He is an instructor for the DOD-required Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider Education Course, where he trained 45 officer and enlisted personnel in the safe operation and handling of motorcycles.

AVIATION STRUCTURAL MECHANIC (E) 1st CLASS (AW) EGDON A. VILLENA, from the Naval Weapons Test Squadron (NWTS), Point Mugu, Calif., was selected as Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division's Sailor of the Year for 2000. Villena is the Environmental/Egress Division (Seat Shop) supervisor and primary flight line coordinator. He is the assistant command fitness coordinator and has reduced the PRT failure rate by 90 percent. He is also the coordinator for the command EAWS Program.

SONAR TECHNICIAN 3RD CLASS ANNA MARIE JANNING was selected as Junior Sailor of the Quarter at Headquarters, U.S. Naval Forces Europe (NAVEUR), London, The New Haven, Ky., native is a reservist on Active Duty for Special Work status and is assigned to the NAVEUR public affairs office. Janning is currently working as a journalist, and is cross-rating to that job. She volunteers as a church youth group leader and she recently completed a bachelor of science degree from Excelsior College.
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