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Byline: Liza Williams

TRY these fun ways to fit a bit more activity into the kids' day...

1. LEAVE THE CAR AT HOME: If you always ferry your kids to school or drive to activities at the weekend, think about leaving the car at home.

As long as it's not too far, walking or cycling with the kids will benefit you both - and save money too.

2. LIMIT TELLY TIME: Some parents find it can really help if you set a limit on how long your children can sit still in front of the TV or computer.

A couple of hours is a fair amount of time, depending on their age.

Once screen time is up you need to hit the off-switch so they're encouraged to play with other toys or go outside.

3. FIND SOMETHING THEY LOVE: Parents often assume their kids must be shattered after a long school day, however school children are actually sitting down for most of the time!

Rather than allowing your kids to flop in front of the telly, encourage them to be active after school by joining a club or going out to play.

4. STOP THE POST-DINNER SLOUCH: Don't let your kids rest for too long after meals - however tempted they might be! Half an hour to settle stomachs is fine then it's best to get them up and about again.

Go for a family walk and you can burn off any excess calories too.

5. DO IT TOGETHER: Families that are active together have more fun.

Try specifying one day at the weekend to be a family fun day when you all go on a bike ride, visit a local park, or explore a new area.

It's cheap too.
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Mar 23, 2009
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