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Shift Technologies has introduced the latest version of the Expense Reporting application in its ThinMind suite of web- based workforce management solutions.

ThinMind Expense Reporting is an integrated web-based administrative tracking solution that provides the ability to collect, track, and organize expenses at any level of the organization. The new version of the ThinMind Expense Reporting module is available at Pricing is $5 USD per user per month, with volume discounts available. Shift Technologies offers a 30-day free trial.

A few of the many new features and enhancements include:

- Expense Billing Markup - Provides the ability to automatically apply a percent markup on an expense item. This allows organizations to apply 10% processing fees for equipment purchases, increase mileage billing rate by 30% to cover travel time, and more. Electronic client approval reports include the expense billing amount for client review.

- Expense General Ledger Allocations - Allows general ledger accounts to be associated with expense items for streamlining integration of data with accounting systems.

- Improved Approval Process Workflow - Supports the ability to allow hr/payroll personnel to be included in the approval process. Employee setup includes the ability to select different hr/payroll representatives for expense specific approvals.

- Custom Expense Item Fields - Allows business specific data to be tracked for each expense item like sales team, product line, and more. Fields can be named, populated, enabled, or required to meet business needs.

- Advanced Reporting Capabilities - Updated reporting allows organizations to see profitability, cost, and billing reports that show the differences between their expense cost/billing amounts, reimbursable/non-reimbursable, and billable/non-billable expense items. Extra report grouping options added to allow organizations to slice/dice data to meet their current business demands.

- Usability Enhancements - Includes wider screen sizes allowing more information to be viewed and edited at once, faster pop-up calendars, simplified navigation, and improved screen layouts.

- Express Setup Wizard - Minimizes initial setup time by providing step- by-step instructions to quickly and easily configure the system. Wizard allows mass data entry to occur, by offering the ability to add 10 rows at a time in each setup step, making setup time a matter of hours.

- Security Limitations by IP - Supports ability to limit access to the expense reporting application based on the user's IP address. Added security provides extra control over when, where and who can access the information.

About Shift Technologies

Based in Charlotte, NC, Shift Technologies provides 100% web-based workforce management solutions. The company's flagship product suite ThinMind includes Timesheet Reporting, Expense Reporting, Issue Tracking, and Project Management. Thousands of people worldwide use ThinMind web-based solutions. The ThinMind suite is designed for small to large businesses and specifically for the professional services market including, the financial services, legal, and IT and business consulting industries. The ThinMind suite of solutions is available on an application service provider (ASP) basis.

Shift Technologies can be found on the World Wide Web at

For more information, call 888/404-7386 or 803/779-4005 Ext.
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Date:Feb 1, 2006

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