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SHEPHERD'S DELIGHTS; She sexually liberated Elvis, had a fling with Don Johnson and didn't rate Bruce Willis in the sack - TV star Cybill reveals all in a sizzling new book.

CYBILL SHEPHERD has kissed and told on her passionate affairs with the world's most famous men in a sizzling new autobiography.

The book, saucily titled Cybill Disobedience, is an intimate chronicle of her flings with superstars including Elvis, Don Johnson and Bruce Willis.

"I did exactly what I pleased - and what pleased me was sex," she said.

The 50-year-old actress claims she sexually liberated Elvis, had a quickie with Don and a disappointing snog with Bruce.

Something of an adventurer in the boudoir, she goes on to tell of a group sex romp with two stuntmen and how she has contemplated a lesbian affair.

Her most famous conquest was Elvis, who pursued her after his split with Priscilla. The rock'n'roll legend fell for the actress after seeing her in her first film, The Last Picture Show, in 1971.

Elvis ignored the fact she was dating its director Peter Bogdanovich at the time and invited her up to his Memphis home, Graceland, for some deep-fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

Before long, they were in his bedroom.

Cybill recalled: "It was all reds and black with a fake leopard cover on a king-size bed, four televisions and smoky mirrors on the walls and ceilings.

"I had no doubt about how it would end, there was soft kissing on my neck and arms and pulling off layers of clothes. I had fun in Elvis's bed. He had become a little passe, but he was, after all, the King."

The romance lasted for only two months in 1973, but Cybill, not shy of self praise, said she freed the King from sexual inhibition.

She added: "Before I met Elvis, he was sexually conservative, trapped in a macho thing. He was a nice, gentle guy, but was isolated by his fame. He could not reach out to those he cared for."

However, she refused to pander to his whims. She said: "Once he sent one of his guys to pick me up and the guy said: 'Elvis likes his ladies to dress a certain way, so he'd like to take you shopping.' I said: 'I don't think so.'"

Then a weekend in Las Vegas finally killed the fun for Cybill.

She recalled: "The sweet charm I had seen in Memphis seemed to be draining away replaced by unfortunate brat-boy humour. He was chubby and wore more make-up than I did."

At the hotel, things went from bad to worse as the lustre seemed to disappear from Elvis's lovemaking. Drugged up on pills, he collapsed on the bed.

"I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do," she said. "Any possibility of nookie had evaporated - he seemed far away and woozy, his eyes half closed, his speech slurred. Holding out a handful of pills he said: 'Here take these.'

"I was confused. 'Are you going to take some of them?' I asked. 'I've already had mine,' he said. 'These are all for you'.''

When she got back to her own room, Cybill flushed the pills down the toilet.

The crunch came when Elvis ordered her to ditch Bogdanovich, who she was still seeing. He told her: "You've got to get rid of this Bogdanovich guy."

She refused and left.

Cybill said: "I don't know whether he was heartbroken or not when I left, and that bothers me. I did have the feeling he needed someone to rescue him, though. I don't think his kind of fame is survivable."

The book has already won Cybill a multi-million dollar publishing deal as well as lucrative serialisation contracts on both sides of the Atlantic.

Not that she needs the cash.

Cybill started out as a teenage beauty queen and became a top model before Bogdanovich tracked her down for his movie which made her a household name.

She went on to star in Taxi Driver with Robert De Niro and made millions out of Moonlighting, one of the most successful shows of the 1980s.

She stars in her own TV show Cybill, has been the face of L'Oreal and Revlon, stages sell-out concerts and wants to run for President on a pro-abortion ticket. She is a staunch advocate of life beginning at 40 and her strong feminist stance certainly included sexual emancipation.

Her erotic exploits included a brief, but fulfiling, flirtation with movie star Johnson on the set of The Long Summer in 1985.

"It was all over in five minutes," she said. "It was like wolfing down a candy bar when you are starving. It was fast, furious and intense. We never got around to another five minutes."

She is less kind, however, when the subject moves to her Moonlighting co-star Bruce Willis.

An initial surge of sexual electricity between the two soon developed in to mutual loathing and Cybill has no qualms about spilling the beans on the "outsize ego and erratic behaviour of Willis".

She does confess that she fancied him in the beginning, and admits that Willis did pop round to her house for a night of passion.

According to her revelations, they wrestled with one another on her sofa. Cybill eloquently remembered: "It wasn't long before we were passionately sucking face."

Breathless Cybill, fuelled by the bottle of whisky Willis had brought over, asked him: "Are we going to do something about this or what?" prompting macho-man Willis to have second thoughts and run out of the door. She recalled: "Suddenly he stopped, arched his back and looked at me with lines creasing his forehead. We never did finish what we started.

"But once I got to know him I was glad I didn't get involved. Bruce Willis is a jerk."

The actor returned the compliment on a chat show when he said: "I have nothing good to say about Cybill." "How witty," was her response.

The actress's relationships have often been explosive.

She walked out on Bogdanovich after a couple of years to marry garage owner David Ford.

The couple were together for six years. Cybill said: "What was refreshing about David was that he was so far removed from Mr Hollywood."

After they split, she embarked on a tempestuous marriage to Hollywood doctor Bruce Oppenheim. The pair divorced in 1989 shortly after she gave birth to twins.

Oppenheim, a chiropractor, has tried unsuccessfully to stop the publication of Cybill Disobedience. He sent her a letter threatening legal action and asking her not to write about him or their two children, Ariel and Zachariah.

In an interview with an American magazine, Bruce said: "I don't want my kids teased because other children are talking about their mother's raunchy sex life. It is too disgusting."

In the book, Cybill also discusses her relationships with other men, including Martin Scorsese and Orson Welles, and the hardball world of network TV politics.

The star, who claims sex gets better with age, also recently revealed she had thought about sleeping with women. And the book details an evening when she took part in group sex with two stuntmen, a 17-year-old toyboy, actor Charles Grodin and Hawaii Five O star James MacArthur.

She said: "The guy was an energetic, imaginative lover. One night we were in a playful mood and I admitted that I'd imagined being with two men."

When he said okay, Cybill joked: "Do you know how much the National Enquirer would pay for that story?"

But he found her a discreet colleague, who kept quiet about the tryst, and instead it was Cybill who got paid for recalling the tale.

Cybill's most recent serious relationship was with musician Robert Martin. The couple got engaged, but have since split. She said: "I had virtually given up on men until I met Robert."

It's not only her former lovers who are in the firing line in Cybill's new book. She is also expected to bitch about former co-star Christine Baranski, who played the part of Cybill's sidekick Maryann Thorpe in her popular sitcom.

Baranski silently put up with the prima donna actress's antics but she was rumoured to privately detest her.

Shepherd was left seething when producers singled out Branski for her professionalism by giving her an entire $10,000 wardrobe when shooting of the show's final episode finished.

Cybill received nothing more than a quick handshake and a curt goodbye.

Perhaps they felt keeping it brief with Cybill might be safer.'It was like wolfing down a candy bar when you're starving' - on sex with Don'I had virtually given up on men until I met Robert' - on her ex'I don't want my kids teased about their mother's raunchy sex life'

- ex- husband Bruce Oppenheim, left'Before I met Elvis, he was trapped in a macho thing. He was a little passe, but he was, the King'

- on her fling with Elvis'I didn't get involved. Bruce Willis is a jerk." - on her ex co-star'You've got to get rid of this Bogdanovich guy.' - Elvis on Peter'The guy was an energetic lover' - on James MacArthur'David was so far removed from Mr Hollywood' - on her first husband
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