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 BOSTON, Aug. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Sharp Electronics Corporation today unveiled the PI-7000 Expert Pad, the first licensed Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) based on Apple Computer's Newton(TM) Intelligence.
 The powerful Newton operating system of the PI-7000 Expert Pad assists users in the creation, organization and communication of their work. By actively adapting itself to an individual's habits of usage and personalizing information, the unit greatly improves productivity by anticipating user needs.
 The Expert Pad recognizes graphic patterns as well as cursive script, block letters or a mixture of both. And like a good assistant, the Expert Pad will learn the user's handwriting and work habits.
 "The Newton-based Expert Pad is a logical extension of Sharp's long- term strategy for intelligent productivity tools that assist mobile professionals in capturing ideas, personalizing them and easily sharing them with others," says Gil DeLiso, director, Sharp Personal Home Office Electronics Division.
 Unlike PDAs based on other operating systems, there is no need to write in a designated bracket or frame for the unit to convert writing to formatted text. In addition, the Expert Pad understands natural "gesture commands" which allow users to edit and manipulate data with natural writing actions that don't interrupt the train of thought.
 In addition to its ability to increase user productivity, the PI-7000 Expert Pad facilitates the communication of information, ideas and messages through on-line services, computer networks, pagers and other communications systems.
 "As a world leader in portable productivity devices and LCD technology, Sharp is excited to be among the first companies to deliver personal digital assistants," adds DeLiso. "The PDA category will be fueled by the convergence of telecommunications and portable computing technology."
 Sharp Electronics Corporation and a number of prominent third party developers will support Expert Pad users with application integrated circuit (IC) software and memory cards. Also under development are application software development tools which will enable the creation of document forms on a Macintosh or IBM-compatible computer. These tools are designed for corporate use to create standardized forms and other vertical applications.
 Major features of the PI-7000 Expert Pad include the following:
 Electronic notepad recognizes handwriting and graphics -- Instead of using a keyboard or mouse, the user simply enters data directly on the display with the stylus. You can write cursive script and block letters, or draw diagrams, sketches, maps ... anything that can be written down on paper. The whole display can be used because there are no limited frames or brackets. The Expert Pad recognizes data written on the electronic notepad display and automatically converts handwritten words into digital characters and graphic shapes into neat diagrams and geometric forms. For easy access to your data, the Expert Pad enables you to organize Notepad entries into "folders."
 Gesture commands for quick and natural editing -- Notes that you input to the Expert Pad during meetings or when organizing ideas can be edited later with gesture commands that mimic the natural way you use a pencil and paper. You can scribble out, select certain areas, start new pages, correct, insert, and drag data items for repositioning.
 Easy-to-view Personal Information Management (PIM) functions -- The PIM functions offer an easy-to-use Names File and Data Book. The Name File lets users record, access and update personal and business information such as names, addresses, and fax, business and other phone numbers. The Date Book can store scheduled events, lists of things to do and even set alarms to remind users of important times and deadlines.
 Intelligent Assistant guides you to the desired data format -- The Expert Pad actually guesses what you want to do by intelligently anticipating what the next command will be and guiding you quickly to the desired data format. For example, when "Lunch Mary Friday" is written, the Intelligent Assistant function guesses that the user is going to have lunch with Mary this coming Friday, then asks if that's correct. A "yes" response will store the information into the appropriate time slot of the Date Book.
 Electronic drawers called "Extras" include convenient tools -- The Expert Pad uses drawers where special application software is accessed for your more specific needs, like the In and Out Boxes. Drawers also contain functions such as a world clock, calculator, keyboard, handwriting recognition set-up and practice, conversion table and others.
 Powerful communications capability -- The Expert Pad can send fax messages, share data with other Expert Pads and Sharp electronic organizers, print out hard copies, and transmit data with an infrared beam. It even gives the user access to public E-Mail services. Optional linking software allows file sharing with PCs.
 Portability plus computer-like performance -- The Expert Pad provides powerful data-handling capability with a high-speed 32-bit CPU and 640KB of memory. It is smaller than a VHS video cassette and light enough to carry anywhere.
 The Sharp Expert Pad will be available at retail outlets in August 1993. It will have a suggested retail price of $899.
 For more information, contact Sharp Electronics Corporation, Personal Home Office Electronics Division, Sharp Plaza, Mahwah, N.J. 07430 or call 800-99-EXPERT.
 As a recognized leader in consumer, office and industrial electronics products, Sharp Electronics Corporation, headquartered in Mahwah, has sales of over $2.4 billion, markets some 1,200 products in over 40 product categories and employs more than 2,200 people nationwide. Founded in 1962, Sharp Electronics is the U.S. sales and marketing subsidiary of Japan's Sharp Corporation, and is a leading seller of many electronics product lines, including LCD products, camcorders, microwave ovens, electronic organizers, copiers, facsimile machines and calculators.
 (Newton and the Lightbulb logo are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. used under license.)
 (Newton Intelligence is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.)
 -0- 8/3/93
 /NOTE TO EDITORS: The PI-7000 Expert Pad will be on display at Macworld, Booth No. 5012, World Trade Center, Boston, Aug. 3 - 6/
 /CONTACT: Lisa Daniele or James Sciales of Dorf & Stanton Communications, 212-420-8100, or (outside New York) 1-800-223-2121, for Sharp Electronics Corporation/

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