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SHANIA TWAIN CURED MY PAIN; Radio therapy for country fan gran.

A GRAN whose life was plagued by a mystery illness has told how she was cured by listening to country stars Shania Twain and LeAnn Rymes.

Ellen Doherty, 53, had been left almost bedridden after developing virus- like symptoms nearly two years ago.

But after stumbling on the modern country music station 3C (Continuous Cool Country) one night while listening in bed, she found her illness began to disappear.

And, after several days of tuning in, she made a miraculous recovery.

Yesterday, Ellen said that she was sure the station was responsible for curing her of the mystery illness.

She explained: "The doctor said it was just a viral infection and would soon pass but it never went away.

"I had to give up my cleaning and bar jobs and was left so tired I had to go to bed at 7pm every night.

"One night I was scanning through the radio stations and found Continuous Cool Country.

"It was amazing. I stayed up all night listening to it."

Ellen, who lives with husband David, 52, in East Kilbride, said she was "filled with inspiration" after listening to LeAnn Rymes and Shania Twain.

She added: "The music had an amazing effect on me.

"It really spoke to me and I could feel my symptoms fade away.

"Within days, I was back to my old self. Now I can get out of bed and get on with my life."

The station, which is available on digital radio, was broadcast in East Kilbride on FM during the last two weeks of January.

After her startling recovery, Ellen wrote to 3C creator Pat Geary, 53, to thank him.Pat, who lives in East Kilbride and is station manager at Clyde Radio, said he was hoping to win an FM licence which will be up for grabs later this year.

He said: "The broadcast has had some amazing feedback.

"But by far the most amazing was Mrs Doherty's reaction.

"The songs and lyrics speak to people in a way other music doesn't.

"It's wonderful that it has helped Mrs Doherty with her illness."
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Feb 14, 2003
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