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RUSSELL Brand isn't the first big-name comic to mock people with disabilities.

FRANKIE BOYLE, 39, disgusted glamour model Katie Price, 33, when he made a sick joke on his Tramadol nights Channel 4 show about her nine-year-old son Harvey who has physical and mental conditions.

The crack sparked a public outcry and a rebuke from telly watchdog ofcom. JIM DAVIDSON, 57, caused a storm when he asked wheelchair users to be moved from the front a show in Plymouth because his act involved making fun of people with disabilities.

JIMMY CARR, 38, provoked anger when he told a 2,500 audience in Manchester: "Say what you like about Servicemen amputees from iraq and afghanistan, we're going to have a f***ing good olympics team."


BEloW THE BElT Brand was under attack yesterday for his sick quip
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Sep 11, 2011
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