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SH*TE AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL.. EXCLUSIVE Syringes litter waste soil at port site.


THESE shocking pictures show syringes sticking out of soil being moved from the Port Tunnel works to a public park.

The contaminated material is being dumped in Fairview Park in North Dublin - just yards from a children's playground.

And city bosses are planning to smooth over the waste and develop a "planting programme" after the summer.

But a Port Tunnel office insider said yesterday: "All the park is short of is seagulls flying over it and it would be an official dump."

When construction began, tunnel chiefs announced the contaminated waste - which contained body tissue, syringes, vomit and bloodstained sheets - would be incinerated.

And in May of this year a statement from the Port Tunnel said: "All hospital waste excavated at Alfie Byrne Road was safely disposed of in 2001-02 under licence by the Environmental Protection Agency ie exported for incineration."

But the pictures clearly show there are still syringes in the soil being moved from East Wall and deposited beside a children's playground.

Syringes are specified in documents obtained by the Irish Daily Mirror which detail the waste meant for incineration.

Local Independent TD Finian McGrath said he saw the syringe-filled waste in Fairview Park.

He added: "That waste is seriously contaminated. When the rain washes through that soil, where will it end up?"

An insider said: "There is no way that soil is uncontaminated. A digger is being used to lift the soil. They have men trying to pick the stuff up with metal grabbers, and put it into plastic bags.

"But it's everywhere. The digger is lifting up the soil and the bags are getting torn. There's stuff lying all over the place."

The document Disposal Of Clinical Waste also demanded nobody speak to the media. It said: "Public relations is an issue, all discussions on site with the public and press should be avoided."

The tunnel chiefs claimed the hazardous waste was contained in sealed skips but the office insider said: "There are no specialist skips down there."

A Port Tunnel statement said: "All material going into Fairview Park is being screened. Twelve syringes have been found which shows that screening is working. "Hospital waste was removed from the site in 2001 and 2002. Comprehensive independent testing of the soil has been undertaken to confirm it is suitable for on-site reuse.

""The Environmen-tal Protection Agency are in agreement this material does not represent any hazard."


DISGRACE: Syringes in soil waste: Pictures: COLLINS' CONTAMINATED: Soil and rubble destined for park
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 24, 2006
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