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SEX VIDEO HUSBAND CHEATED WITH HIS MOTHER IN LAW; Blackmail trial is told of butcher's steamy clinch in kitchen.

A BUTCHER accused of blackmail over videoed group sex yesterday told a court how he cheated on his kinky wife - with his mother-in-law.

Julian St Quinton, 33, said he and millionaire's daughter Samantha Stone, 26, romped with six other swinging husbands and wives, had sex nine times with one couple and filmed the foursomes on at least eight occasions.

But he kept one bombshell sexual liaison from his wife - the time he enjoyed a passionate embrace with her wealthy mother Linda at the family's countryside mansion, a jury was told.

The mobile meatman is accused of threatening to send home-made sex-videos featuring Stone to her parents for Christmas in a bid to win their pounds 100,000 home in a divorce settlement.

He also vowed to distribute the sordid compilation video to employees at her father's timber empire where she worked as a managing director's PA, the prosecution alleges.

St Quinton said his wife posed in white pants, stockings and suspenders for a photo used in an adult magazine to "advertise themselves" in their region.

In another centre-fold image, he snapped her writhing naked in bed with a female friend "smothered in yoghurt and laid on top of each other", according to police interviews.

St Quinton took the stand in Hull Crown Court yesterday and denied blackmailing his estranged wife. He said his mother-in-law was already aware of the swinging nature of the son-in-law she fancied.

He told the jury how his wife's mother made a move on him when he popped round for a coffee by himself during one of his regular Tuesday visits to their mansion at Roos, near Hull.

During his four-year marriage, he said Linda Stone had grown fond of him. He said she performed a sex act on him during a steamy encounter in her kitchen of her home.

St Quinton said: "Her mother had the hots for me.

"I'm pretty sure her mother knew about the group sex.

"When I was in the kitchen, we talked about things and she asked me if I was a swinger and I said, 'Yes'.

"Eventually, it came to a point when I was in the kitchen and she approached me. She kissed me and frigged me off in the kitchen."

St Quinton said he told his estranged wife after they had split up but she says the story is one of his "sick fabrications".

St Quinton, dressed in a grey suit, denied he had ever threatened to expose the sex videos of him and his wife.

His defence barrister claims his ex-wife invented "a yarn" because she was not satisfied with a pounds 15,000 slice of a divorce settlement.

St Quinton said he spoke about revealing the footage "in jest for bravado" but added: "I was in negotiations to settle with Samantha. The videos would have done as much damage to me and my business".

The court heard that his mobile butcher's service had crashed because of local publicity about the blackmail case

Police arrested him at the former marital home and, inside a wardrobe, they found his black briefcase containing the raunchy home-made video and a porn magazine showing his wife's centrefold.

A camcorder was found on the bedside unit.

In police interviews, St Quinton said they bought the camera after being introduced to video-making by Mike and and Yvonne Gowland - the couple they spent most time having group sex with.

The court has heard the butcher introduced a female friend called Nikki to his wife so he could watch them together.

The trio then went to a hotel in York where he photographed his wife naked and writhing on top of Nikki with both of them smothered in fruity yoghurt, he said in police interviews.

That image was published centrefold in the adult magazine Escort which showed "Sammy from Hull" in her full glory with an erotic letter penned in her hand, the court heard.

The videos, which began two years into the marriage, showed the man and wife having group sex with the Gowlands, of Warne, near Hull, and they let another man join in on one occasion.

The court has already heard how Stone was filmed in a lesbian clinch with Nikki having intercourse involving a cucumber.

The court heard St Quinton claim he tired of his swinging days and concentrated on building a dream home for his wife.

Six weeks after it was completed, she left him and later started a relationship with a married father-of-three who has since moved in with her.

He is a director at Stone's father's business.

St Quinton said: "When Samantha left me, she had a copy of the video which she says she had destroyed.

"I said I wouldn't destroy my copy because I enjoyed that time of my life."

Later, the court heard how St Quinton bragged to friends and the two brothers of a girlfriend.

Old flame Laura Holme told the court: "He said he had evidence on her to stop her getting half what she deserved.

"He didn't tell me at first, but he later showed me a video with his wife in.

"He said he was going to show her family it and he said he had a magazine called Escort as well."

Miss Holme's brothers, Philip and Carl Holme, said they became friends with St Quinton when he began seeing their sister and also talked about bribing his ex with the videotape.

Philip Holme said: "He told me that he wanted to give her so much money so he could keep the house - if she wouldn't, he would show the video tape to her family and friends.

"He said he got her down to a certain amount of money through the video. I didn't ask him to explain."

The court heard that St Quinton had shown the video to Miss Holme and her brother Carl when he told him: "You will like this one."

Judge Tom Cracknell asked the defendant: "Did you have any respect at all for Samantha's privacy? What were you doing showing it to people in the village who might go talking about it."

St Quinton replied: "You hope you can trust people".

Cross-examined, both brothers agreed that St Quinton was a boastful sort of man, who liked to impress people and show off.

But they said they were no longer friends with him since his split with their sister.

St Quinton denied ever having made blackmail threats to Stone, but suggested that Miss Holme, who was then his girlfriend, might have rung her once, warning her to back off.

The trial continues.
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Author:Dennis, Steve
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Aug 24, 2000
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