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SEX AND DRUGS HOSPITAL; Killers and pervs ruled in crumbling Carstairs.

Mental patients in Carstairs took explicit porno pictures of each other having sex.

And photos of a 12-year-old girl were smuggled in and passed around for cash.

Carstairs in the 70s was a sordid, decaying regime where killers and sex fiends ruled the roost.

So crumbling was the security, that one male nurse accepted pounds 100 to open the doors to allow two patients to escape.

The bloodbath in November 1976 was just waiting to happen.

Mone says that watching the news unfold about the child sex scandal at Ashworth Hospital in Merseyside has taken him right back to Carstairs.

He says: "Obviously no lessons have been learned from Carstairs, when this kind of thing is happening at Ashworth.

"But Carstairs in the 70s makes Ashworth look tame.

"Anybody could get drugs - cannabis, speed or pills.

"There were no body searches and visitors just brought in boxes of food with the drugs hidden in them.

"The perverts were all taking pictures of each other having sex.

"Women would be having sex with women and men with men.

"Then the pictures were all passed around.

"There was even one nurse who used to bring in hard-core pictures from Denmark.

"Another alcoholic nurse used to steal drugs from the hospital and sell them outside.

"One nurse actually opened the doors one night to allow two patients to escape. He was paid pounds 100." Sweeping security changes were made following the inquiry into the Carstairs breakout.

The probe heard that nearly an hour had lapsed after Mone and McCulloch escaped before the siren was sounded.

And security was described as frighteningly lax with routine security precautions not being enforced.

Mone says he wanted to testify at the inquiry but was refused.

He says: "I was asked to make a statement, which I did, but I told them I wanted to testify publicly.

"I could have blown the place sky high.

"But they didn't want that.

"All they wanted to do was sweep it all under the carpet."
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Mar 5, 1997
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