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A MAN who was repeatedly raped by a priest when he was a teenager says his battle for justice has left him homeless and thousands of miles away from his wife and son.

Victim Colm Daly said his life has been destroyed and vile priest Harry Moore was never jailed for abusing him.

Evil Moore, who is named and shamed in the Murphy Report into clerical child sex abuse in Dublin, preyed on Colm when he was just 15-years-old.

But the abusive priest escaped with just a suspended sentence in 2005 after admitting to a sex act and indecent assault of Colm in Bayside, north Dublin, between 1984 and '85.

Since the abuse, distraught Colm, 42, has lived a nomadic life in England, Australia and most recently Thailand, where he had hoped to settle down with his wife Ya Salek and two-year-old son Oliver.

But he told the Irish Sunday Mirror he is tortured by his past and finds it hard to accept that Moore, 73, wasn't jailed for the abuse.

Colm said he returned to Ireland on a one-way flight earlier this year to seek justice, but has run out of money and has been forced to live on the streets and sleep in hostels for the homeless.

He has no means to get himself back to his family in Thailand and fears he may never see them again.

Colm added: "The fact that I feel I've never got proper justice for this has been eating away at me and I felt as if I had no choice but to return to Ireland to do something about it.

"Coming back here also meant I had the opportunity to renew my Thai visa, while I wait to get a proper marriage visa, before returning to my wife and son. But things quickly got on top of me - I ran out of my money and cannot afford to get back there.

"I try to keep in touch with Ya over the phone but I'm stuck back here in Ireland now with no real family or friends and have no idea when or how I can get back to Thailand."

Fr Harry Moore is named in the Murphy Report as a notorious abuser, who befriended young teenagers by plying them with drink and drugs before indecently assaulting and abusing them.

Moore, an alcoholic, was described as a "trendy" priest who wore casual clothes, collected rock music and hung around with young people.

He was moved around parishes in Dublin in the 1980s after allegations of indecent assault and abuse of teenagers were made against him. It was in 1984 that Moore first abused Colm at his home, forcing him to have sex with him twice a week for over a year.

Colm said: "He used to hang around the teenagers in the Bayside and Baldoyle area at that time and I was just a young teenagers trying to fit in. We knew Fr Moore had a problem with drink and we would often go back to his home with him on a Saturday night to make sure he would be OK for his Mass on a Sunday.

"That's when he started to abuse me. I didn't know what to think about it or who to tell, I knew it was somehow wrong but I didn't know how to tell my parents."

Colm said the abuse he suffered at Moore's hands has left him mentally scarred.

He said: "I get daunting feelings every time I see or pass a priest now and just get these flashes back to the abuse I suffered.

"It was terrifying. And he used to threaten me that he would harm me and my family if I told anyone about it."

In 1999, Colm reported the abuse to gardai. Moore was arrested and charged on four counts of sexual assault.

After he pleaded guilty to two charges of sexual assault and two charges of buggery, Fr Moore was sentenced to seven years in respect of each of the buggery charges and three years in respect of each of the sexual assault charges.

However, all sentences were suspended for a period of ten years and he was placed on the sex offenders' register.

Colm said this was just as big an injustice as the abuse itself.

He added: "I have suffered psychologically for this and I feel for all the victims out there who also believe they have not seen justice," he said. "We are suffering all over again.

"I'm now living on the streets and have never been able to live or shake off this ongoing torture that has destroyed me."


Fr Harry Moore Estranged... Colm's Thai-born son Oliver So far away... Wife Ya Salek and baby son Devastated... Colm Daly's life is in tatters after abuse ordeal
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
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Date:May 15, 2011
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