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SEX & DRUGS AT THE PALACE; EXCLUSIVE: Royal scandal as we expose gay servant peddling Buck House stories for cash Porn footman betrays Queen with lurid tales.


A ROYAL footman exposed today as a gay porn star is betraying the Queen by peddling lurid stories of sex and drug orgies at Buckingham Palace.

Sleazebag Steve Kaye, 25, is trying to trade on his role as a trusted servant - demanding pounds 20,000 for his sordid tales.

Kaye, who once romped with six other men in a hardcore movie, claimed staff at the Palace:

-TAKE drugs regularly even when the Queen is in residence.

-PASS around their illegal stashes under the noses of senior Royals.

-ORGANISE wild, anything-goes sex parties as often as they can.

Scandalously, Kaye is trying to hawk his accounts of servants' antics as he prepares to wait on the Queen at Sandringham on Christmas Day.

A Royal source told The People: "The Queen will be disgusted and shocked to know that one of her servants is trying to sell these secrets.

"It is despicable of Kaye to attempt to cash in on his privileged position of trust and try to turn over his colleagues.

"He is willing to expose his trusting friends over their drug habits. And he wants to give details of parties where he says staff get together with just one thing on their minds."

Even more seriously, Kaye could have posed a massive security risk to Royals already reeling from scandalous blunders in protection at their homes.

His grubby past left him open to possible blackmail by terrorists.

The greedy servant boasted to The People about how his duties often put him in close contact with the Queen.

Kaye certainly looked every inch the loyal aide as he and other staff posed with Her Majesty and Prince Philip in the Palace grounds for a Golden Jubilee photo last year.

When we contacted Kaye, the servant ludicrously said he wanted to expose Royal security lapses - but soon made it clear money was his real motivation for talking.

He bragged that he had already been offered pounds 20,000 for his story and said: "I've photographs and things. It would be drugs-related within the Royal household - well, everywhere.

"I managed to get some telephone proof. I wasn't prepared to get video evidence because I have to ensure my continuation of employment. It's very risky ground."

He explained that he is working in a Nottingham store after quitting full time Royal work because of the poor pay - but is still called in for big occasions.

Kaye, who sports bleached hair highlights, said: "I'm a Royal footman and I'm going back to Sandringham this Christmas. I lived in for two years at the Palace and left last August.

"I go back for ceremonials if and when I'm needed. I'm still a footman for the Queen."

When asked if he got close to the Queen, he boasted: "Oh, absolutely."

Challenged about his role in the gay porn video, shot in Brighton four years ago, he denied that it made him a security risk.

But a source told The People: "The video was really hard core. I don't think it ever got released because it was too strong for the UK market.

"I have no idea how much Steve got paid but he never kept secret the fact that he starred in the film. He was a very enthusiastic participant"

During our meeting with Kaye, he soon steered the talk back to money.

"You have to estimate what you think it would be worth but I'll leave that in your hands," he said.

"I wouldn't be named. That would jeopardise any future prospects at the Palace for me."

Yesterday we confronted Kaye at the Next store in Nottingham's Riverside Shopping Centre where he was busy working behind the till. When challenged about his attempts to clinch a money-grubbing deal, he panicked.

"I want anonymity," he bleated. "It's my word, isn't it? I wouldn't want to be named.

"I'm going to Sandringham on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. It would know."

A former Palace pal of Kaye said: "None of the staff will talk to him now.

"He's a turncoat. We're just glad he has been exposed for what he is."

An ex-Palace housemaid told in 1996 how servants had sex and drug orgies, forcing the Queen to tell them to keep the noise down.

The latest security scare came at the Palace last week when a prankster scaled the perimeter wall.

It followed the shock revelations of a Mirror reporter who got a job as a footman and the scandal of comedy terrorist Aaron Barschak's antics at Windsor.


DOUBLE LIFE: Steve Kaye (circled right) with unsuspecting Queen and innocent colleagues in Jubilee line-up; SERVANT: Kaye booked to wait on Queen at Christmas Picture: SHARON DOORBAR
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Dec 14, 2003
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