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SETTS MANIACS; Lust-crazed badgers are noisy pests.


SEX-MAD badgers are making life hell for home owners in a once quiet cul-de-sac.

Their screams of passion have kept locals awake for nights on end.

And the Brock-around-the-clock intruders have also left a trail of destruction in gardens.

More than 40 have created 19 setts around Kew Crescent in Gleadlees, Sheffield, and residents say it's like - being under siege. Retired butcher Michael Broomhead, 60, said: "When they're having sex, they howl and scream. They've trampled plants and felled three trees." The badgers dug out the footings of Richard Oldham's new pounds 2,000 decking. He moaned: "The garden is riddled with their tunnels."

Neighbour John Cooper, 73, said: "They've completely taken over."

But the badgers, a protected species, appear to be untouchable.

Monica Ward, of the South Yorkshire Badger Group, said: "It's illegal to interfere with their setts."


SEX BEAST: One of the raucous badgers on the rampage; UNDER SIEGE: Close rocked by invasion; WRECKED: Badgers ruined new decking; ANNOYED: Michael, John and Richard
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 19, 2007
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