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Technical services

The company offers a complete technical services division which is said to be capable of equipment installation, mixer body changeouts, on-site repair work (hopper rebuilds, dust seal change, etc.), mixer inspections and various seminars relating to mixer care and maintenance. All of these services are tailored to the specific machinery and the particular application for which it is used. A recently developed research and development/process laboratory department is engaged in new batch mixer development for modifications of existing equipment, as well as the design of new machines utilizing original technologies, according to the company. (Skinner Engine, 337 W. 12th St., PO. Box 1149, Erie, PA 16512)

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Custom compounding

This company provides custom mixing and compounding for silicone rubber, fluoroelastomers, polysulfide and organic polymers. The company provides colored stock, preformed, slab, various strip sizes and calendered needs. Compounds are prepared with tilt mixers, roll mills and internal mixers. (Tumpeer Chemical, 522 N. Hicks Rd., Palatine, IL 60067)

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Industrial sensors

This manufacturer of non-contact laser measurement sensors has expanded its capabilities into custom designing and manufacturing sensors for large OEMs desiring a fast, accurate and low cost solution to meet customer needs. The company is said to offer more than 44 non-contact sensors with response rates up to 500 kHz, greater accuracy, and more. (LMI Selcom, 21666 Melrose Ave., Southfield, MI 48075)

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Silicone compounding

This independent silicone rubber compounder produces compounds for wire and cable, automotive, electrical insulators, rollers, aerospace, construction and other industries. The company is said to provide the ability to specifically design compounds that not only meet application specifications, but also are designed for the fabricators' processes. The company provides customized compounds, as well as proprietary formulas. Services include product design, price quotations and product delivery. The company is said to offer conformance to end-use specifications, consistent processability and preforms to fit customer equipment at competitive prices. (American Silicones, 420 N. Taylor Rd., Garrett, IN 46738)

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Molded dust seal rings

Dust seal rings, custom molded from nitrile elastomer compounds, are offered by the company for use in helicopter precision rotor bearing assemblies. Due to the close tolerance requirements of these dust seals, their manufacture requires the use of an elastomer that bonds well to G-10 fiberglass and precision in both design and molding to ensure that bearing assembly components are adequately protected. The company offers capabilities that are said to be crucial to the production of dust seal rings, including an in-house molding press which can manufacture components as large as 44", while maintaining tolerances on part diameter as tight as [+ or -] .010 and thickness as close as [+ or -] .003, accurate secondary trim operations and superior machining of G-10 inserts from sheet stock. The bonding of rubber to other substrates is said to be another specialty of the company. (Pelmor Laboratories, 401 Lafayette St., Newtown, PA 18940-0309)

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Technical consulting

This company provides technical and marketing consulting for developing new products for use in rubber and thermoplastic elastomers. Techno-economic studies, market studies and educational programs in robber chemical usage are provided. Areas of expertise are said to include automotive rubber products, processing agents, specialty elastomers, accelerators and antidegradants, recycled robber, blacks and fillers, and pyrolysis carbon black. (Akron Consulting, 185 Lake Front Dr., Akron, OH 44319)

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Mass spectrometry

This laboratory offers expanded mass spectrometry capabilities with the addition of state-of-the-art HPLC/MS-MS instrumentation. This instrument is a high performance ion trap mass spectrometer capable of multiple stages of mass spectrometry and can be used to solve difficult structural identification problems in various chemicals. (Hauser Laboratories, 5555 Airport Blvd., Boulder, CO 80301-2339)

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Specialty co-extrusions

This specialty manufacturer of silicone rubber and specialist in the extruding of thermoplastics offers co-extrusions made of silicone robber and a variety of thermoplastics. The co-extrusions can also be made with soft or hard thermoplastics. The silicone rubber acts as an excellent sealing material that is not affected by low and high temperatures and atmospheric conditions, according to the company. The silicone is extruded with a thermoplastic that acts as a ridged base to secure the product. (Reiss Manufacturing, 1 Polymer Place, Blackstone, VA 23024)

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