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ServiceFactory, which supplies production systems for the development of Internet services for broadband and wireless networks, has introduced version 2.1 of the Orbyte Wireless System. The new version is completely in line with the recent, strong investments in wireless networks by several large operators. Orbyte Wireless System is the solution on the market best suited to manage a public wireless network on a very large scale.

Recently, several large European operators have announced that they are making very aggressive investments in the expansion of their local wireless networks. Swisscom Eurospot plans to quickly establish 800 hotspots in Europe and Telecom Italia has also announced that very strong investments are now being made. There are several reasons behind these investments being made just now. On the one hand, legal obstacles or limitations have been removed in several important markets, primarily in the United Kingdom and Italy. On the other, the market and the customers have matured so that the demand for wireless services is now quickly on the rise.

In such fast-paced expansion, one of the most important characteristics in a system is that it can be scaled up to manage very large customer bases and handle many hotspots, and ServiceFactory's system is the leader in scalability.

Evidence that ServiceFactory's Orbyte system meets the large operators' demands for carrier class systems lies in the customers that have thus far chosen to use Orbyte. Customers like Swisscom Eurospot, Telia HomeRun and Telecom Italia are a few of the operators that utilize Orbyte in their public hotspot ventures.

In version 2.1 of Orbyte Wireless System, several new functions have now been added to further adapt the system to the operators' future needs.

In Orbyte Wireless System, the user can purchase services in the wireless network through a web-interface and pay with a credit or debit card. For the operator, the system contains, among others, functions to generate one-time passwords that are sent to the customer via text messaging (SMS). In this way a mobile/cell-phone customer can sign up to a wireless service, and connect to the network faster and with a high level of security. Orbyte Wireless System 2.1 also supports smart card (SIM) authentication.

In Orbyte Wireless System 2.1, the Access server module is represented by Orbyte Hotspot Site Appliance (HSA) and Orbyte Access Gateway (OAG).

The Orbyte HSA measures 65x280x180 mm and weighs 1.9 kg. The unit has no movable parts, which minimizes the need for service and maintenance. Thanks to its small format and light weight, it can be placed in a 19-inch rack or in another optional location. The OAG is available in a large number of product versions for various applications. Support for AP's with 802.1X as well as support for verification and authentication of SIM-cards for GSM, GPRS and UMTS are included. In concrete terms, this means among other things that Orbyte can send EAP requests transparently to the mobile/cell-phone operator's authentication server.

All Orbyte access servers can also differentiate how a user connects. This is done by the system analyzing the request from the user's browser and then sending back information that is adapted to the respective browser. In other words, a user who connects through a PDA, for example, gets back a web page adapted to reading in the PDA.

The Orbyte access servers will also be able to handle most scenarios where the end users have pre-configured network settings, such as an HTTP-proxy.

Version 2.1 of Orbyte Wireless System also has full support for international characters according to RFC 1468 (ISO 2022 with MIME), which means, for example, support for Japanese characters as well.

"Lately, we have seen how the large operators choose systems from ServiceFactory for their expansion of wireless networks. In some cases, the operator has even decided to not continue with solutions from other suppliers, but rather to invest in a solution entirely from us. The primary reason is that our system is very flexible and can be adapted to an endless number of business scenarios. OWS 2.1 is a carrier class solution, which is shown by the customers who have chosen our system," said Claus Clausen, CEO of ServiceFactory.

About ServiceFactory

ServiceFactory provides complete systems for the production of Internet services' systems that develop the operator's range of services and profitability. The company, founded December 1, 1999, is primarily owned by the employees. Other shareholders are TeliaSonera and Brainheart Capital. ServiceFactory has 45 employees and the headquarters is located in Stockholm. Some of those who have invested in systems from ServiceFactory are Telia HomeRun, Skanova, Comhem, TDC, Telia ADSL, Megabeam Italy (Bought by Telecom Italia), Tiscalli, Euskaltel and the WLAN Group AG and Megabeam UK (recently bought by Swisscom Eurospot).

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