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SELINA SCOTT: I love Lucy..loathe his agent.


HERBERT BRESLIN is not one of life's more loveable luvvies. Pavarotti's agent and manager until their highly-publicised bustup a couple of years back, New Yorker Breslin, in his forthcoming tell-all autobiog, says he 'invented' the world's most famous tenor.

He goes on to say that Luciano is lazy, a glutton (surprise, surprise) and a compulsive womaniser.

Pavarotti certainly had an eye for the ladies, as I found out on visiting him during rehearsals at Wembley arena when I tried to persuade him to star in a documentary series I was making.

Fixing me with liquid-brown, Italian eyes that would have melted the resolve of an ice maiden, he whispered: 'Ah, Selina, mia cara, of course I will do your TV show. Call me anytime to fix dates.' I bumped into stony-faced Breslin on my way out of the maestro's dressing room.

'Isn't it great? Luciano has agreed to do the film,' I told him. 'Whaddya mean?' he rasped. 'Pavarotti don't decide what TV he does. I decide. Your show ain't on MY agenda.'

Lucky Luciano - after all these years, at last to be able to set his own agenda. And as Breslin could yet discover, the show may not be over till the fat man sings one more time.


Star: Luciano
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Aug 8, 2004
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