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SELINA SCOTT: Darius is a real hit for putting family first.


WITH his hunky physique and sexy gaze, pop star Darius Danesh is certainly not hard on the eye.

He can even sing a bit. But there's a lot more than that to the Edinburgh University-educated pop idol.

This week we found out how much more. Wondering why he's been out of the headlines recently?

It turns out Darius' father Booth was diagnosed with terminal lymphatic cancer back in February.

Booth courageously chose to fight the disease using alternative treatments. Darius decided to put his pop career on hold to help his father in the fight and search for a cure.

At the time doctors gave Danesh Snr only weeks to live.

Eight months later, he appears to be making a remarkable recovery.

'My dad's a walking miracle' says Darius.

I bet Booth Danesh thinks the son who swapped superstardom to help him battle for his life is a little bit special too.

Darius' fellow Glasgow pop icon Marti Pellow was also in the headlines last week - but for the wrong reasons.

Former heroin addict Marti, who became a West End star after successfully battling drink and drug addictions, was fined pounds 150 for driving his new Merc at 103 miles an hour on the M74, near Beattock.

The pounds 150 would be small change to the Wet Wet Wet frontman. In their hey-day the Wets are claimed to have amassed pounds 18m from album sales alone.

The three-month driving ban that accompanied the fine might cramp his style a bit.

But when hard-pressed sales reps are losing their licenses - and sometimes their livelihoods - for straying over the speed limit as few as three times in a four-year period, ton-up Marti should consider himself lucky.

He'll be seeing the plush interior of his new Merc well before Christmas.


Supportive son: Darius; Danesh
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 26, 2004
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