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SELFISH, RECKLESS & TOTALLY WITHOUT REMORSE; DAD'S FURY KILLER DRIVER SLAMMED AS HE IS JAILED Wealthy motorist ploughed into hero soldier Stuart at side of road m soldi.


gr convicte A SOLDIER'S grieving dad yesterday slammed the arrogant and selfish convicted drink-driver who killed his son in a road crash. Stuart Young, 24, a private in the elite Support Regiment, was by the roadside down.

pr 13th Air Assault Suppormown down and killed after his car broke dowWealthy Robin W was jailed for a year yadmitting causing Stucareless driving.

Woodward, 32, yesterday after Stuart's death by Woodward has a driving convictions, drink-driving, had no not have been on The court was told W string of serious drivinincluding two for drinkinsurance and should nthe road.

Kenny, from furiously attacked conduct during the night.

Stuart's dad K Glenrothes, Fife, fuWoodward's con case last night. And the ju him said h had failed insuran was sc judge who jailed he believed he to renew his insurance because he scared to tell his parents that the premium had gone because of his appalling driving record.

pare pre up ap recor Ken served 24 Army, s stage Woodw respons actions.

Kenny, 51, who years in the said: "At some of his life, Woodward has to take responsibility for his "He needs to grow up life as a normal human the lack of remorse and gance he showed th hearing was astonishinand start living being because complete arrogance throughout the astonishing. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has not once had to lift a finger to do anything.

"His parents have a lot to answer for and we think they are partly to blame for our son's death.

"He claims he's now living a life sentence after killing Stuart - but that doesn't even begin to describe what we are going though."

Kenny, Stuart's mum Jean, 48, and sister Amanda fought back tears as they remembered Stuart, a superfit sportsman who lived life to the full.

Kenny said: "He was a good son, a good brother, a good soldier and a loyal friend and he didn't deserve to die so young.

"He was a hero to the three of us and everyone he met.

"He had three separate lives, one with his family, one with his friends at home and one with the Army - and the positive impact he had on all three was exactly the same. He was a very special man.

"Our lives will never be the same again. Stuart will never be forgotten."

Jean added: "His loyalty stood out. He never lost touch with or forgot about any of his pals from school - he would do anything for them and would always go the extra mile for them.

"He was that type of character." Stuart served in Afghanistan from September 2011 to April 2012 and was responsible for one of the biggest explosions seen in the area for years when he and his team blew up a huge pile of ordnance.

The keen angler and hillrunner had passed the Parachute Regiment's arduous P Company course with flying colours and was due to start his jumps course not long after he died.

Stuart, who was also an international biathlete and competitive Nordic skier, was killed in January last year when he stopped his car on the A1 in Lincolnshire after it developed a fault.

Lincoln Crown Court was told he was returning to his base at Colchester after spending Christmas and New Year in Fife with his family.

He tweeted: "Trying to find a hard shoulder when u lose all power in your car #scarystuff " to alert friends and family to his problem.

Seconds later, he suffered fatal injuries when his Ford Focus was struck from behind by Woodward's car. Stuart had his hazard warning lights on as well as his headlights, the court heard.

Other drivers swerved to avoid him but Woodward ploughed straight into the back of him at 60 mph.

Andrew Scott, prosecuting, said Woodward had cancelled his insurance policy six weeks earlier.

He had been told that his motoring record was so bad he faced having his PS1300 annual premium doubled after failing to report an earlier collision.

He claimed he only saw Stuart's car when it was too late to avoid a collision but admitted he had been continually checking his fuel level during his journey because he'd forgotten to bring his wallet.

Woodward was banned for drinkdriving in 2003. When he killed Stuart, he had four points on his licence with three further speeding convictions pending which he had failed to tell his insurers about.

He also did not tell his insurers about an earlier accident when he reversed into a Mercedes.

He has since been banned again for drink driving.

Boston magistrates were told in March that he was found to be more than three times the legal limit.

As well as jailing Woodward, Judge Sean Morris also banned him from rs driving for five years. He said: "You should have seen him - everybody else did but you didn't. There is a streak in you that doesn't care about anybody else but yourself.

"Even at the time of the accident you weren't wearing your seat belt. You seem to think that the rules of the road apply to everybody except yourself.

"I am satisfied you were driving deliberately without insurance because it was too expensive and probably because you didn't want to tell your parents about it.

"An immediate prison sentence has to follow."

The judge praised Stuart saying "He was a brave young man who had never been in any trouble.

"He served his country in Afghanistan in one of the most dangerous theatres of war that this country has faced since the dark days back in the 1940s. He was awarded his parachute wings, something that is testimony to his professionalism."

More than 350 mourners packed Markinch Parish Church to pay tribute to Stuart last year.

His commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel David Marshall, said: "He was the epitome of everything good in a professional soldier; intelligent, committed, utterly professional and a thoroughly good bloke. He endeared himself to all with his personality and character and had a bright future."

The Youngs, who were helped by the Army's bereavement support teams, have donated an award to their son's unit. The Stuart Young Trophy will be given to the junior Nordic skiing champion every year.

Private Young was the epitome of everything that was good in a professional soldier; intelligent, committed, utterly professional and a thoroughly good bloke. LT/COL DAVID MARSHALL


SILVER SPOON Robin Woodward needs to grow up, says Stuart's dad

FALLEN COMRADE A Union flag is draped over Stuart's coffin at the funeral

PRIDEKENNY and Jean Young arriving at the funeral service in memory of their son Stuart

SALUTE Lieutenant Colonel Marshall at the service

COURAGE Stuart in Afghanistan. Above, with sister Amanda at her wedding
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Date:May 6, 2014
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