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SELF HELP If you have genital herpes.

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6 Always use a condom to protect yourself from genital herpes.

6 Painful blisters can be relieved by a soak in a tepid bath with salt added and applying cold packs (not ice).

6 To prevent genital herpes recurring, get plenty of rest and eat a balanced diet with fresh fruit and vegetables, wholefoods and lots of liquids.

6 Manage stress by learning relaxation exercises or taking up yoga.

6 Ensure you wear loose underwear so air can circulate and keep your genitals cool. Leave the sores exposed to air as much as possible.

6 Keep a record of when you get recurrent attacks in an attempt to find a pattern. If, for example, recurrences are related to rough sex, try using lubricants such as KY jelly.

6 You could try taking 200 IU (international units) of vitamin E daily, which may improve your body's immune response.

6 Make sure you keep an antiviral cream (acyclovir) on hand and use as soon as symptoms start.
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Date:Dec 16, 2013
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