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                       PUBLICATION, START-UPS, 2000
                               (A through I)
Title                                    Category
9 to 5 Magazine-9to5 Ltd.,               business
 Toronto, ON 6x
a-com-Virgo Publishing, Phoenix, AZ 12x  Internet
Acupuncture Today-ATC,                   healthcare
 Huntington Beach, CA 4x
Advanced Engineering Materials-John      engineering
 Wiley & Sons, New York 4x
Alzheimer's Care Quarterly-Haworth       health care
 Press, New York 4x
Alzheimer's Disease Quarterly-Aspen      health care
 Publishers, New york 4x
American J. of Clinical Dermatology-Adis medical
 Int., Phil., PA 6x
American J. of Dermatology-Adis Int.,    medical
 Phil., PA 6x
Applied Math & Optimization-Springer-    science, r&d
 Verlag, New York 4x
Archival Science-Kluwer Law, New York 4x legal
Asia-Pacific J. on Human Rights-Kluwer   legal
 Law, New York 4x
Biogerontology-Kluwer Academic,          medical
 New York 4x
Biopolymers: Biospectroscopy-John Wiley  science, r&d
 & Sons, New York 6x
Bipolar Disorders-Blackwell Science,     healthcare
 Malden, MA 4x
Birmingham BusinessWoman-Hanner Media    business
 GP., Birm., AL 4x (closed)
Birmingham Small Business-Hanner Media   business
 Gp., Birm, AL 12x
Brain & Mind-Kluwer Academic,            science, r&d
 New York 4x
Broadband Week-Cahners Bus. Info.,       telecom tech.
 Highlands Ranch, CO 24x
Building Online Business-Virgo           Internet
 Publishing, Phoenix, AZ 12x
Business Entities-RIA/WG&L, Eagan, MN 6x accounting
Business Fleet-Bobit Publishing,         trucking
 Torrance, CA 6x
Business Law International-Int. Bar      legal
 Assoc., London 4x
Business Without Borders-Corporate       business
 Legal Times, Chi., IL 6x
Cabling Installation & Maintenance       telecom tech.
 Europe-Pennwell, Tulsa, OK 12x
Canadian Contractor-Rogers Media,        building
 Toronto, ON 4x
Cell & Tissue Banking-Kluwer Academic,   medical
 New York 4x
Channel Business-Rogers Media,           computers
 Toronto, ON 21x
Chef Educator Today-Talcott Comm.,       restaurants
 Chicago, IL 6x
Child Care Business-Virgo Publishing,    education
 Phoenix, AZ 11x
Click Magazine-Click Media,              business/metro
 Menlo Park, CA 12x
Cognitive Systems Research-Elsevier      computers
 Science, New York 6x
Communications Technology Int.-Phillips  telecom tech.
 Bus., Potomac, MD 12x
CommVerge-Cahners Business Info.,        high tech.
 Boston, MA 12x
ComTel Partners-Trader National          telecom tech.
 Publications, Dallas, TX 12x
Construction Law & Business-Aspen Law &  legal
 Bus., New York 4x
Construction Site News-Vulcan            construction
 Publications, Birmingham, AL 12x
CRM Magazine-Freedom Comm.,              business
 Malibu, CA 6x
Customer Service Automation-Curtco       business
 Publishing, New York 12x
Darwin-CIO Comm., Boston, MA 6x          business
Dentist's Money Digest-Medical World     dental
 Comm., Jamesburg, NJ 6x
Designing-Penton Media, Cleveland, OH 6x interior design
Digital Dealer-Horizon Comm.,            automotive
 Columbia, TN 6x
Digital Entertainment-North American     telecom tech
 Publ., Phil., PA 12x (closed)
Diversity & the Bar-Amer. Lawyer Media,  legal
 New York 4x
Door & Window Maker-Key Comm.,           building
 Stafford, VA 4x
DV Web Video-CMP Media,                  Internet
 San Francisco, CA 6x
eBiz Solutions-Digitrends,               computers
 Laguna Niguel, CA 4x (closed)
E-Commerce Business-Cahners Bus. Info.,  Internet
 New York 18x (closed)
eCompany-Forbes, Inc, New York 12x       business
EC Technology News-Thomson Financial,    business
 Chicago, IL 6x
e-doc-AIIM, Silver Spring, MD 6x         business
e-learning-Advanstar Comm.,              business
Santa Ana, CA 6x
eMarketing Magazine-Professional Media   adv. & mrktg.
 Gp., Norwalk, CT 12x
e-Now Report-Cahners Bus. Info.,         graphic comm.
 New York 6x
Enterprise Linux-101communications,      computers
 Fort Wash., PA l2x
ePlant-Chem. Week Assoc., New York 10x   chemical
eService Provider-Penton Media,          telecom tech.
 Golden, CO 12x (closed) Info Presse,         Internet
 Montreal, PQ 4x
Esthetique-Montage Media Corp.,          dental
 Mahwah, NJ 4x
European Business Organization Law       legal
 Review-Kluwer Law, N.Y., 4x
European J. of Law Reform-Kluwer Law,    legal
 New York 4x
European J. of Migration &               legal
 The Law-Kluwer Law, New York 4x
eV-Cahners Business Info., New York 6x   media
Executive Talent-Kennedy Info.,          employment
 Fitzwilliam, NH 4x
EyeTech Update-Boucher Comm.,            healthcare
 Fort Wash., PA 6x (closed)
Familial Cancer-Kluwer Academic,         medical
 New York 4x
FatPipe-Dagda Mor Media,                 telecom tech.
 Marietta, GA 12x
Female Physician-Female Physician,       medical
 Boston, MA 4x
Finance & Investissement-                financial
 Transcontinental, Montreal, PQ 11x
Financial Advisor-Charter Financial,     financial
 Shrewsbury, NJ 6x
Fitness Business Canada-Mill Pond        sports
 Publishing, Georgetown, ON
Florida Lawyer-Amer. Lawyer Media,       legal
 New York 12x
Franchise Canada-August Comm.,           business
 Winnipeg, AB 6x
fuse-Imagine Media, Brisbane, CA 6x      business
Generic Products Review-Medical World    pharmaceutical
 Comm., Jamesburg, NJ 4x
Generic RX Products Report-Romaine       pharmacuetical
 Pearson, Jamesburg, NJ 4x
Genetic Programming & Evolvable          science, r&d
 Machines-Kluwer Academic, N.Y.
Genome Technology-GenomeWeb,             science, r&d
 New York 12x
GROK-Standard Media Int.,                new media
 San Francisco, CA 12x (closed)
GTA Construction Report-Mekomedia        construction
 Enterprises, Toronto, ON 12x
Health Services & Outcomes Research-     healthcare
 Kluwer Academic, N.Y. 4x
High Technology Products-Stevens         building
 Publishing, Dallas, TX 12x
HIV Clinical Trials-Thomas Land          medical
 Publishers., St. Louis, MO 6x
Holistic Primary Care-Ascending Media,   healthcare
 New York 6x
Home Decor Buyer-Hoyt Publishing,        interior design
 Skokie, IL 5x
HostingTech-HostingTech,                 Internet
 Alexandria, VA 12x
I-Biz-AmericaEconomia,                   Internet
 Coral Gables, FL 4x
Idea Fitness Edge-Idea, Inc.,            sports
 San Diego, CA 5x
Idea Fitness Manager-Idea, Inc.,         sports
 San Diego, CA 5x
IEEE Microwave Magazine-IEEE,            elec. eng'g
 New York 4x
iHousing-Hanley-Wood,                    building
 Washington, D.C. 12x
Impact: Radio/Record/Retail              radio & tv
 Week-Vanguard Media, New York 52x
In Business Las Vegas-Greenspun Media    bus./metro
 Gp., Las Vegas, NV 52x
Industry Standard Europe-Standard Media, business
 S.F., CA 52x
Innovative Food Science & Emerging       agriculture
 Technologies-Elsevier Science,
 New York 4x
Inside-Powerful Media, New York 52x      media
Inside Web Development-ZD Education,     Internet
 San Fran., CA 12x
Insights on Law & Society-ABA,           legal
 Chicago, IL 4x
Interior Business for Landscape          landscape
 Professionals-GIE Media,
 Cleveland, OH 4x
Int. and Comparative Corporate Law       legal
 J.-Kluwer Law, New York 4x
Int. Environmental Agreements-Kluwer     legal
 Law, New York 4x
Int. Insurance Law J.-Kluwer Law,        legal
 New York 4x
Int. J. of Hospitality & Tourism         business
 Administration-Haworth Press,
 Binghamton, NY 4x
Internet Publishing-North American       publishing
 Publ., Philadelphia, PA 12x
iSource-Vulcan Publications,             purchasing
 Birmingham, AL 12x
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Date:Feb 28, 2001

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