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SEGA.COM/CAPCOM DEBUT "AUTO MODELLISTA" AS ONLINE RACING GAME., a pioneer in online console gaming and Capcom(R), a leading force in the interactive entertainment industry, have announced that "Auto Modellista" for PlayStation(R) 2 computer entertainment system has utilized SEGA Network Application Package (SNAP) technology for networked gameplay. Tapping into's extensive experience in online gaming, SNAP provides Capcom with a reliable, easy-to-use online gaming solution to take their cutting edge game to the next level. SNAP technology is the ideal custom network transport to provide optimal gameplay for "Auto Modellista" and SNAP Services will assist Capcom with operation, maintenance, and development of a networked game environment, as well as server hosting, in-game web development, implementation consulting, and network quality assurance.

"SNAP has been the technology backbone for many of the leading SEGA console games," said Ryoichi Shiratsuchi, CEO of and general manager, Network Business Division, SEGA Corporation. "We are very excited to be working with Capcom on this project that combines an industry leading game, gaming console and network technology, to offer players a seamless online gaming experience."

Launching in spring 2003, "Auto Modellista" is the first true cell-shaded online racing game to allow players to race head-to-head online via SNAP. "Auto Modellista" is designed to capture the racing experience, allowing players to customize their racecars from more than 60 real-world cars. To create a real-world racing experience, "Auto Modellista" also offers players the option of competing against up to eight other drivers online, a variety of tracks and courses, four modes of play and a selection of background music. "Auto Modellista" is scheduled to release in March 2003 and will carry the suggested retail price of $49.95.

" brings state-of-the-art network technology to the gaming arena and enhances everything from community building to gameplay," said Robert Lindsey, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Capcom Entertainment. "Capcom looks forward to continuing its work with because they deliver expert network gameplay."

About Capcom, Co.

Capcom Entertainment, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Capcom, Co., Ltd. of Japan. A leading force in the multi-billion dollar interactive entertainment industry, Capcom's legacy spans more than 22 years of entertaining video gamers. Capcom develops, markets, and distributes home video games for the PlayStation(R) game console, PlayStation(R) 2 computer entertainment system, Nintendo(R) GameCube, and Xbox(TM) video game systems, Game Boy(R) Advance and Game Boy(R) Color Systems, personal computers, and coin-operated games. Worldwide recognizable product lines include the Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Mega Man, Breath of Fire, and Onimusha series. World headquarters in Osaka, Japan, the company also has offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, and Sunnyvale, California. The company is publicly traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange code number 9697.

About, Inc, Inc. is a network entertainment company that integrates Internet technology with innovation while leveraging a video game heritage dating back more than 50 years. also built SegaNet the first high-speed online console gaming network and community destination for gamers. is dedicated to bringing the technology and content required for networked entertainment to game developers and game players alike, leveraging the network possibilities for a multitude of devices including game consoles, cellular phones and PDAs.

For more information, visit or call 415/844-6215.
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