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 CARY, N.C., Sept. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Seer Technologies, Inc., a software company based in Cary, announced today that it has begun shipment of Version 5.2 of the Seer/HPS Development Environment, an integrated set of software tools, methods and techniques for the development, deployment and management of distributed enterprise applications.
 New features and capabilities contained in this release of Seer/HPS 5.2 include:
 -- New development tools and enhancements, including an Entity/Relationship/Process-Hierarchy Diagrammer, a State Transition Diagrammer, and Forward Engineering capabilities, which assist programmers in modelling business processes and generating application code based on these models.
 -- Expanded support for automated generation of cross-platform client and server applications. Supported platforms now include:
 -- IBM Hosts - MVS/ESA, DB2, IMS/ESA, and CICS/VS
 -- Servers - Hardware: IBM Mainframe, PS/2, RS/6000, Sun; Operating systems: AIX, MVS, OS/2, Solaris, SunOS,WIN/NT; Databases: DB2, DB2/2, DB2/6000, DBM, Informix, Oracle and Sybase
 -- LANs - OS/2 Extended Services, any Microsoft Windows-compatible LAN, TCP/IP
 -- Workstations - OS/2 Extended Edition, Microsoft Windows, Motif on Sun and AIX
 -- 3270 non-programmable terminals (NPTs), or workstations equipped with 3270 emulation
 -- New support for Seer/HPS software distribution and management facilities across all the above platforms, including enhanced repository administration and maintenance tools.
 -- Enhanced application support for event-driven and asynchronous processing.
 -- National Language support for all Seer/HPS-built applications.
 Seers/HPS 5.2 also supports maintenance of multiple versions of Seer/HPS-built applications.
 "Based on a team evaluation of 850 products and vendors over a 4 month period, we found Seer/HPS 5.2 to be superior to all of the other development tools we look at in meeting our requirements for developing enterprise-wide, large-scale production applications," said Ken Richmond, technology team leader, Charles Schwab & Co., San Francisco, Calif. "Our criteria covered assessment of repository and OSF standards support, transaction processing capabilities including UNIX, and TCP/IP communication protocol support."
 "Seer/HPS is a highly sophisticated, user-friendly toolset which will enable us to increase development productivity, as well as improve the quality of end-user systems," added David Benaron, head of computer development for the Woolwich Building Society, London, England, one of the largest savings and mortgage banks in the U.K. "We intend to use the product to redevelop all of our core applications."
 Customers with Version 3 or 4 of Seer/HPS can upgrade their applications and development data directly to Seer/HPS 5.2 by performing a migration between enterprise repositories. Seer/HPS 5.0 customers can convert to 5.2 by upgrading their existing enterprise repository.
 Seer/HPS-built applications enhance both business and developer productivity by enabling developers to automatically generate complex applications utilizing advanced end-user graphical user interfaces based on event driven processing and including modern GUI controls, business graphics and bitmaps. From a single design, developers can automatically generate applications and provide users with a consistent look and feel across applications on both hosts (using NPTs) and workstations (using IBM OS/2 Presentation Manager, UNIX Motif, or Microsoft Windows).
 "Seer/HPS has historically provided one of the most powerful solutions available for developing and implementing large-scale client/server applications," said Vivek Wadhwa, vice president and chief technology officer of Seer. "Version 5.2 builds on these strengths by adding event-based processing support and new execution platforms, and introducing a new generation of upper CASE tools that we believe will set the standard for the industry."
 Seer Technologies creates and markets integrated software engineering products for the migration, development and maintenance of distributed enterprise applications. Seer is the only company that provides users with integrated software tools that support all key elements required to transition new and legacy applications to client/server architectures, including object-based application development and code generation, cross-platform communication, and distributed data and system management.
 Seer Technologies, Inc., founded in 1990, is a privately held corporation headquartered in Cary. Its products are used by clients in North America, Europe and Japan, and the company employs more than 400 professionals in 16 offices throughout the world. Seer was capitalized with investments from IBM Corporation, which currently owns a 40 percent equity interest in the company, and Credit Suisse/First Boston Corporation, which also holds a 40 percent equity position in the company.
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 /NOTE TO EDITORS: High Productivity Systems and Seer/HPS are trademarks of Seer Technologies Inc. All other brands or products are trademarks of their respective holders./
 /CONTACT: Lee Feldman of Peters & Feldman, 203-972-1201/

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