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"Don't shake your head at Alabama and then keep going about your day. Realize that this is a warning. It's Alabama and abortion today. It's you and your rights tomorrow. Your silence will not save you."

--Film director AVA DUVERNAY tweeting on May 14 when the most restrictive abortion bill in the country was sent to Alabama Governor Kay Ivey.

"In my experience most people need a strong dose of hope to be spurred to action. Why waste effort on a hopeless cause?"

--2016 Humanist of the Year JARED DIAMOND reviewing Bill McKibbon's latest book, Falter, in the April 14,2019, New York Times.

"I know the ones who love us will miss us."

--Actor KEANU REEVES, in a May 10 appearance on the Late Show, responding to host Stephen Colbert's question: "What do you think happens when we die?"

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Publication:The Humanist
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Date:Jul 1, 2019
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